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Everything you need to start more discussions using email & voicemail

Insight on what's provoking lately

Monthly tips on getting response to cold emails, voicemails, follow-ups, message sequences & more. Short video & written tips quickly strengthen your sales communications skills. Increase response & start discussions.

Updated library of practical tips

Sharpen your skills with new ways to start discussions from cold. All using email, voicemail, effective follow-up cadences... revive 'gone dark' prospects and more.

Scientifically proven templates

Immediate access to the latest provocation techniques. These come pre-tested, ready to customize and test on your prospects. Try these short-cuts to start more discussions.


A live, online workshop

Twice per month, Jeff hosts online workshops with our community. You can have your email strengthened. This is your chance to work direct with Jeff & other students.

sales communications skills training

 Jeff Eskow

 Account Executive


"I sent your follow-up InMail template to 59 prospects -- and got 22 responses. As a result, I'm talking with 8 potential buyers and got 5 referrals to other contacts. Thanks, Jeff."

Stay strong at prospecting


sales communications skills


Updated monthly prospecting tips


3 proven email templates


sales communications skills


Updated prospecting tips


7 email templates


Video library of email workshops


2 monthly group writing workshop video replays


sales communications skills


Updated prospecting tips


Help beyond cold emailing


A live seat in 2 monthly writing workshops with our community
(Meeting online 2x per month, a $94 value)

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sales communications skills training

 Julie Cohen 



"Within a week of practicing your technique, I got a positive reply from an unresponsive prospect I’d given up on.

This training rocks!"

Randy Brown

 Sales Director

BA Insight

"Through the encouragement of our CEO, we have been applying much of what we have learned from you over last couple of years... and are having success. Just want to say thank you, Jeff."

David Vey

 Key Account Mgr.


"I'm earning an 80% email reply rate from C-suite customers thanks to your communications technique, Jeff."

Star graphic by Adrien Couqet