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LinkedIn InMail Tips (templates, examples & best practices)

I've scoured the Web for the best LinkedIn InMail tips. Below are the results. I keep this page up-to-date with the latest InMail tips, templates, best practices and InMail examples. All for sellers---sales professionals, recruiters and small business owners.

Below are links to the best, most practical resources and tips ... for learning how to apply LinkedIn InMail for sales & recruiting.

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What I learned (the hard way) about LinkedIn InMail

Never, ever, EVER ask for a call or meeting in your first InMail. It's like poison. You'll be rejected by over 90% of perfectly good prospects who simply aren't in "near-term buy" mode.

What does it take to achieve exceptional results with LinkedIn InMail?

  1. A dedication to NOT using it like 98% of the population does.
  2. Learning basic copywriting.
  3. Having fun with it---being a little bit creative.

Success is as easy as blazing your own trail---not following the pack. So where to start?

The key is NOT asking for the appointment. Don’t swing for the wall.

My best of all InMail tips is using the first InMail to earn permission for a discussion. Then, execute the conversation (via email) in a way that creates an urge in the prospect to ask you for the appointment.

This is the proven, effective best practice I discovered from small business owners and sales reps while researching my book. I apply them every day. Today, I'm using LinkedIn InMail to grow my sales training business.

I eat my own dogfood.

Let me know about how you're using LinkedIn InMail for sales leads and prospecting below. Or shoot me an email!

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