Using a Blog to Sell: 2 surprising strategies that create sales

Using a blog to sell: 2 surprising strategies that create sales

  • By Jeff Molander

using a blog for sales

Time to read: 3 minutes. Using a blog to sell is the lifeblood of successful content marketers. What can today’s most successful social sellers teach us about using a blog to sell? I took the time to find out. Here are the 2 most powerful, yet simple, techniques to generate leads and sales with a blog—and next steps. Put them to use in your business today.

The 2 biggest ‘lessons learned’ of 2013

1. Blogs that generate sales leads make prospects crave more content—they make readers respond!

2. Leads convert to sales more often when “dripped” content builds buyers confidence (not just engagement).

How to create content that makes prospects respond

Today’s most successful online entrepreneurs and content marketers practice a strategy everyone else doesn’t. This one:

They occasionally get customers to stop engaging with their blog and start responding to it—asking for more tips, tricks, shortcuts, advice or practical know-how.

It’s a deadly simple idea. And it works.

Think of it this way. Readers don’t need us. They don’t need engaging stories. They’re like you! They have nagging problems and challenging goals that are far more important than someone else’s story.

Customers need blog articles that help them:

  • believe there is a better way
  • realize they just found it on your blog and
  • ACT on that realization—to get what they want (giving you a lead)

Blog or video content that makes customers respond does one thing really well:

Answers questions in ways that makes potential buyers think, “Yes, yes, YES … I can take action on that. That will probably create results for me. Now, how can I get my hands on more of those kinds of insights/tips?”

This is the key to using a blog to sell. This simple idea is the difference between blogging for sales and starving! Make it your goal.

Right now, ask yourself … are your videos, blogs and other short-form content helping customers discover:

  • short-cuts to creating material or spiritual wealth?
  • better ways to find and avoid unseen risks?
  • faster ways to develop a needed skill?
  • a way to determine “best fit” for their needs?

Structure content to create hunger for more content

When your short-form blog articles or videos gives customers actionable answers, short-cuts or reveal insights they can “move the needle” for a buyer. It can change a potential customer’s reality.

Blogs and video clips that generate SALES help improve customers’ success rates. This creates “results in advance” of a customer’s purchase. Why would you want to do that?

Because it proves you are worth the money. Your video or text content literally creates self-confidence and curiosity in the buyer.

It gets prospects thinking, “hey, I wonder what else the author of this article knows that I need to know!” or “wow, I see the opportunity more clearly now; how can I get access to more of this kind of thinking?”

This sets up your call-to-action for a lead generation offer (giving more content, more confidence).

Effective short-form content (like blogging) gets prospects more confident in their ability to achieve an important goal, avoid a danger or remedy a problem (using your content as a guide).

More importantly it gets them hungry for more. This is “the conversation” we’re all trying to have with prospects, right?

See here for more details on How to Make an Effective Call to Action.

How to create hunger for your call-to-action

Your blog articles (and videos) will (when structured to start generating sales leads) create enough “can do attitude” to provoke hunger for more long-form content—a stream of email tips, an ebook or a larger source of knowledge. I’m talking about tips and insights that you exchange for a sales lead—advice that gives prospects access to more self-confidence.

The idea is to give away enough “how to” knowledge in short-form (a blog, a Webinar or 3-4 minute video) to create hunger for more of it … a craving for a way to access more substantial know-how, tips or advice.

Fast and easy.

In other words, the goal is to get prospects hungry for a faster, easier way to get ALL the details you just spent a few minutes revealing.

Using a blog to sell is all about publishing articles and videos that help customers begin to desire your lead generation offer!

Want to get started applying this idea right now in your business? Grab this FREE, 3-part social media sales training video course… complete with worksheets to get you going.

Bypass price-shoppers: Make what you sell a next step

Ultimately your e-mail lead nurturing sequence is all about helping viewers see buying your product/service as a logical next step. This transforms what you sell from “something I need to think about buying some day” into “the obvious next step I should take right now” for a customer.

Your fee or price tag becomes a logical investment that “feels right, right now.”

Your turn: Start using a blog to sell

Today’s most successful content marketers practice a better strategy when using a blog to sell. They are:

1. Getting customers to stop engaging with content and start responding to it—asking for more of it.
2. Structuring email lead nurturing routines to create buying confidence in prospects that manifests as trust in the seller.

Just like all human beings, your customers crave answers to problems, short-cuts, better ways and faster paths to opportunity. Along the way, they thirst for self-confidence.

Make sure your blog articles and lead nurturing content tools create confidence.

More confident prospects translates to more trust in the business or person giving that confidence—you. That’s how to use a blog to sell!

Making buyers more confident in themselves is the key to earning trust online, converting trust to leads and growing your business, faster. It really is that simple. Now you have a practical way to get started.

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