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Answers: 2 LIVE workshops per month

Join our seller community as we help each other strengthen under-performing prospecting techniques & sequenced campaigns of all kinds. Get help & help others. Strengthen your ability to start discussions w/ your target market. Live (& recorded) online, Thursdays, 12 pm ET (U.S.). 

Replies: Proven templates

Immediate access to 7 of the latest provocation techniques.  They feel natural and won't embarrass you. Customize and test on your B2B/B2C, C-suite and other targets across various industries. 

Library of workshop replays

Discover new conversation-starting techniques. Benefit from aggregated experience of sellers like you. In addition to 2 monthly workshops, ​view dozens of archived workshops to increase your replies.  

Insight: What's working now

Each month you'll get advanced tips on conversation-starting techniques for email, voicemail and more. Learn from our community.

Prospecting tips video library

Discover the best ways to start discussions from cold using email, voicemail, effective follow-up cadences... revive 'gone dark' prospects and more. 

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sales email response rate

Julie Cohen



"Within a week of practicing your technique, I got a positive reply from an unresponsive prospect I’d given up on."

David Vey

Key Account Manager


"I'm earning an 80% email reply rate from C-suite customers thanks to your technique."

Jeff Eskow

Account Executive


"I sent your follow-up InMail template to 59 prospects -- and got 22 responses. As a result, I'm talking with 8 potential buyers and got 5 referrals to other contacts."

Immediate impact. Not theory.

"Sales communications is a practice. So do you?"

Jeff Molander

Managing Partner

Communications Edge Inc.

You don't need motivation. You need discipline.

Jeff Molander & Jed Fleming are qualified to help.

Jeff is a successful entrepreneur, having co-founded the Google Affiliate Network and global digital agency, Performics as VP, Sales & Marketing. He has served as adjunct professor of digital marketing at Loyola University and is a sales prospecting trainer to small business and corporate audiences across the globe.

Jed will show you unique ways into the C-Suite when prospecting. He knows how top execs make decisions. It's been his passion for 25 years. His research-based technique is his secret weapon. Recently, Jed was Sr. Demand Gen Advisor at a major IT outsourcing firm and has expertise selling into Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, retail, telcom, healthcare, manufacturing and Federal sectors.

Jed Fleming


Communications Edge Inc.

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