social selling tips

Social selling tips

Below, you’ll find a collection of articles—each sharing social selling tips. These are the best I’ve been able to find … for B2B and B2C sellers. Each article, video, etc. shows you how to earn more leads, more often, by using a surprisingly simple technique:

Starting sales-focused discussions that help prospects begin to solve problems or take “first steps” toward reaching goals. 

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What works: Here's what I've learned

Process. It defines social selling success. Without process sellers are left with time-wasting ideas like personal branding and engagement.

Don’t get me wrong. Being personable and relevant is important. But it’s only the entry fee. Process is the force multiplier.

Having a simple, reliable process speeds-up prospecting. It allows you to:

  • set more appointments 
  • shorten selling cycles 
  • exploit marketing materials to the fullest

Having a process lets you get:

  1. attention faster on social media 
  2. deeper engagement and 
  3. RESPONSE that starts sales-focused conversations.

For example, each of the above links to social selling tips focuses on a single process based on one of two concepts. Either a problem solving process or a means of fast-tracking a customers’ success rate … as a means to open a selling dialogue with them.

As a means to prove yourself worth talking to—at all!

The process is simple (but it is a process)

Surprisingly, most good sales people already know the process. It’s rooted in basic success principles—not whiz-bang technology. For example, we hear social selling tips about trust a lot. But the fastest way to earning trust isn’t by sharing or teaching. It requires helping customers:

  • make better decisions
  • determine “best fit”
  • avoid unseen risks 
  • learn a new skill
  • reach a personal goal or exploit an opportunity.

This is the single social selling tip that matters most.  

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