Social media sales success stories

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I will continue to update this page with the very best social media sales success stories. The best way to keep up-to-date is to sign up at on my home page.

Discover how to earn more leads more often by helping prospects make better decisions, determine “best fit”, avoid unseen risks,  learn a new skill, reach a personal goal or exploit an opportunity. You’ll quickly find yourself helping customers gain confidence in themselves AND trust in you… and making social media sell more often. 

Social media sales success stories

NEW! B2B ROI Tracking Services (LogMyCalls) Social Media Lead Generation: How to Grow Leads 400% in 3 Months

NEW! B2B Software Social Media Sales Example: How HubSpot grew sales 1,193% in 3 years

NEW! B2C Heating and Air Conditioning (Logan Services Inc.) Social Media Marketing in HVAC: Logan Services Case Study

NEW! B2B / B2C Building Materials (Steelmaster Buildings) Facebook B2B Examples & Case Study: SteelMaster

B2B Document Management (Action Business Systems) How to Get Copier Sales Leads with Social Media  

B2B / B2C Building Materials (Steelmaster Buildings) Facebook B2B Example: How Steelmaster Gets Leads

B2B Business Process Outsourcing (ADP) How ADP is Using LinkedIn for Sales Leads

B2B Financial Services / Credit Unions (QTCU) Social Media in Credit Unions: A Case Study (32,000 Leads)

B2B Financial Services / Commercial Real Estate (Jones Lang LaSalle) A New Way to Generate Business Leads with Content

B2B / B2C Travel ( Travel) How Limo& Travel-Related Service Providers Get Sales Leads with Twitter

B2C Retail Nursery & Garden Centers (Wiggly Wigglers) How Garden Supply Stores and Nurseries are Selling with Social Media

B2C: How Kitchen Cabinet Dealers are Selling with Social Media (PODCAST interview with Jim Gurulé HERE)

LinkedIn success stories

NEW! LinkedIn Leads Strategy: How I generated 94 + leads in 1 Group post

NEW! B2B (Molander & Assoc. Inc.) Linkedin groups for lead generation: 3 lessons learned (that made a difference)

B2B Small Business Services & Products (Molander & Associates Inc.): How I Got Leads & Sales Last Week on LinkedIn


NEW! B2B / B2C (Tresnic Media & Blogging for Business Course: How 2 Services Companies Get Leads on Blogs

NEW! B2B Document Management (Action Bus. Sys.) Blogging for Business Course: Getting Copier Sales Leads with a Blog

NEW! B2B ROI Tracking Services (LogMyCalls) Social Media Lead Generation: How to Grow Leads 400% in 3 Months

It's strange, but confidence sells

The above social media sales success stories will help you focus on applying social media in an insanely effective way:

Creating results in advance for customers, super-charging confidence in themselves, boosting trust in you and selling more often.

You’ll discover exactly how today’s social selling leaders are:

1) Catering to the problems, goals, fears, aspirations or skills customers need to develop and
2) helping them DO things that are important to them (giving them confidence)

… to create leads and sales. Yes, they’re doing these things for free. But they’re reaping big benefits too. 

The 'gurus' were wrong

Getting a prospect’s attention; getting focused-conversation going; qualifying the lead; earning trust and ultimately the sale with social media can be done without complicated, technical training or reinvention of the selling process (as most social selling gurus are proclaiming). 

As you explore the links above, remember this:

Blog posts, YouTube videos, LinkedIn Group discussions, Facebook interactions will SELL for you/your team if they are part of a system… a social media sales strategy that creates high levels of confidence in buyers.

If this idea sounds familiar it should—it is what has always worked to create selling success. Showcasing your corporate personality, “human-ness” or culture? That’s a chronic waste of time!

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