If social is right or wrong is the wrong question

If social is right or wrong is the wrong question

  • By Jeff Molander

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Time to read: 2 minutes. While you’re reading that article on “is social media right for your company?” your competitors are finding out. They’re creating leads and sales by asking better questions about the DESIGN of social campaigns. Not by tweeting on Twitter of friending on Facebook more frequently. Read on and I’ll show you how to get better results from social media marketing.  By asking better questions — starting tomorrow.  

Step 1: Ignore the gurus

How many times have you read an article on social media being right for all businesses — or being wrong for most? Uh-hu. Thought so.

Confirmed: The advice of social media gurus shifts like the wind. First it’s a one-size-fits-all ‘must do’. Hire them. Ask them again and get ready to scream.

“Well… you see, no. Your company doesn’t have ‘the bandwidth,’ the budget, the people or the experience,” they say. Or my favorite, “the right attitude.”

And they ask you to hire them again!

It’s a wonder you have any cash flow and customers! So what to do? Social media or not social media? Again, this is not the question.

Step 2: Ask the tough questions

Instead, ask yourself: Why?

Beyond the fact that so many of your customers are flocking to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn et al WHY should you be there?

Is that reason enough? Ok… ask yourself:

Is there an opportunity to use social media to understand the changing needs of customers — capture that need and then act on it?”

This is what I’m talking about when I recommend using social media to “ethically bribe” customers.

Take a publishing approach to mobile and social media. Successful companies are using these tools to translate and nurture customers evolving needs. They’re going beyond “feeding knowledge back” into the company. Or “engaging” customers. They’re using the information gleaned to SELL to them.

If you’re already using tools like Facebook ask:

Are we just grabbing for attention using social media… or handing out discounts with it? Or Is there a bigger opportunity to capture leads and sales?”

Step 3: Laugh a little

And if you’re still asking yourself if social media is right or wrong for your company, stop. Because if you don’t you’ll lose track of what’s funny and what isn’t. Which means you’ll be missing out on profits — and comedy. Like this real-life guru quote from a gentleman who agrees — the “right or wrong?” question is silly. But his prescription is equally goofy.

He says to ask yourself:

“‘Should my business be sharing who we are and what we do with the world?’ If the answer isn’t yes, feel free to pick up the computer or mobile device that you’re reading this on and whack yourself upside the head until you realize the answer is always yes!”

You see, the answer is always yes when you’re paying someone to say so!  And the answer is always yes when you’re either overly enthusiastic or fearful. Unfortunately, we humans aren’t programmed to plan. We’re programmed to react. But reacting to social media and its gurus is always the wrong answer. Would you agree?

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