Social Media Effect on Sales: 4 Examples that prove SALES

Social media’s effect on sales is … SALES!

  • By Jeff Molander

social media effect on sales

Time to read: 2 minutes. “Can social media effect sales?” or “what’s the ROI of social media?” While you’re asking these questions businesses like Steelmaster Buildings and LogMyCalls are generating more leads and closing them faster with social media. They’re learning how to earn RESPONSE from prospects and close them—not guessing at the effects blogs or Facebook have on sales. Take these steps and make social media produce leads you can work with too.

Question: “What is my Facebook page’s impact on sales?”

Answer: It’s creating leads and sales.

That’s the answer being given by Steelmaster Building’s marketing team. Steelmaster is one of the best Facebook B2B examples I’ve seen.

It’s the answer being given by Rachel Farris of, Amanda Kinsella of heating and air conditioning systems provider, Logan Services and McKay Allen of B2B call tracking/recording service provider LogMyCalls.

So why aren’t you getting more leads and sales with social media?

Probably because you are still asking what the effect is—rather than structuring ways for blogs, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn to create what you want.

You’re thinking like a marketer rather than a sales rep.

People ARE on social media to be ‘sold to’

Beware of self-appointed “social media experts” espousing hogwash like, “people aren’t on social media to be sold to.” That’s nonsense.

It sounds logical. But it’s a shallow understanding. It glosses over the opportunity staring you in the face.

Right now, your customers are using blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn in ways that occasionally direct them toward products. Think about how you use the Web.

Ever since humanity became connected to it we use it to find…

  • shortcuts to getting things done
  • solutions to vexing problems
  • free ways to learn new skills
  • better ways to compete

Every day, people are constantly becoming leads for businesses who use social media differently. Successfully. They are capitalizing on giving away shortcuts, solutions, free education and tips to customers hungry for them. In return they’re earning leads.

Don’t confuse yourself

Don’t confuse “not wanting to be ‘sold to'” with a prospects’ desire to solve a nagging problem or taste a powerful, new experience.

There’s a difference between not wanting to be interrupted with a marketing message or sales pitch—and wanting to act on something important. The key is

  1. identifying that something (the itch customers’ want scratched)
  2. showing customers a clear way to TAKE ACTION on it
  3. deliver a few results (proof) to the prospect (scratch that itch in ways that give buyers’ confidence) … so you can …
  4. eventually connect that positive experience to what you sell.

The Web is exploding with people expressing need, their intent to solve a problem or experience something important to them.

Your customers are craving…

  • ways to avoid risks they don’t need to take
  • ways to compete better, do things differently (better) than others
  • guidance… getting a hold of a faster way to do something important or make decisions

Are you listening, answering, being found on Google and capturing leads?

The 1 common element in social selling success stories

I’ve documented a ton of social media sales success stories. They all share the same common element that drives leads and sales.

They’re problem solvers.

Successful social sellers create leads and sales by solving customers problems in ways that connect to what they sell through a lead nurturing process. They don’t wonder about social media’s effect on sales. They’re too busy selling on social media. How?

They’re creating a sense of self-confidence in buyers that fosters trust in them/their business. They’re using blogs, video and other content to solve problems or give away samples of remarkable experiences they sell.

Ask yourself what…

  • urgent problem do you solve? 
  • nagging pain do you remove? 
  • powerful pleasure do you create? 
  • freedom do you permit?
  • connection do you allow?

Why you’re struggling and what to do

Struggling to get response and leads with social media? You’re probably focusing on the message of what you publish on it—rather than structuring your words to:

  1. increase the success rate of prospects and
  2. trigger response.


Measuring social media effect on sales comes into focus when you stop and notice the common theme in social media sales success stories: connecting blogs, LinkedIn and such to the sales funnel.

Suddenly social media’s impact on sales is clear: leads and sales!

As George Bernard Shaw once said, “People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.”

Photo credit: Stephen Poff


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