Social media copywriting course: 7 Habits of Successful Social Writers

Social media copywriting course: The 7 Habits of Successful Social Copywriters

  • By Jeff Molander

Looking for a social media copywriting course that gives you the ability to turn engaged prospects into sales leads? You just found it.  This “7 Habits” course shows you, step-by-step, how to create content that starts a purpose-driven dialogue.

What’s in this social media copywriting course for you—exactly?

I will show you

  1. Common but problematic “best practices” (what experienced social media copywriters avoid)
  2. Success principles & repeatable formulas that will produce more social media copywriting success for you
  3. An easy way to take action—to start making these 7 habits SERVE you in everyday life.

Write for a specific purpose

Let’s be clear. When we write for social media we must serve a distinct, specific purpose. Beyond engagement and for both sides—us and the prospective buyer. It follows that the definition of “effective content” is founded in exceptionally strong copywriting.

Effective social media copywriting creates behavior. Not likes. Not followers. Not more shares of content. More behavior that benefits buyer and seller.

By the end of this free social media copywriting course you’ll understand what the success principles are, why they work so well and will have seen examples of who’s using them to create more sales leads, more often. Tune in above and let me know your thoughts, ok?

About Jeff Molander

Jeff Molander is the authority on starting conversations with busy people. As founder of Communications Edge Inc. he teaches a proven, effective communications technique to spark buyers curiosity in sales outreach & marketing messages. He's a sought-after sales communications trainer to individual reps, teams of sellers and small businesses owners across the globe. He's an accomplished entrepreneur, having co-founded the Google Affiliate Network and what is today the Performics division of Publicis Groupe. Jeff served as adjunct digital marketing faculty at Loyola University’s school of business. His book, Off The Hook Marketing: How to Make Social Media Sell for You, is first to offer businesses a clear, practical way to create leads and sales with technology platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and blogs.

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