The Definative Social Selling Book | by Jeff Molander


The definitive guide to selling with social media. Learn how to develop a social media sales strategy---FAST. Jeff shows you a practical system to start making social media sell for you in the first few pages. You’ll even learn how to avoid common ‘best practices’ that actually prevent success with selling on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. Read the reviews or BUY AT AMAZON.



Jeff recorded this especially for time-stretched road warriors needing to turn tweets, friends and engagement into sales, leads and referrals. In his own words, Jeff explains a simple, clear, step-by-step system that you can put-to-work right away. Run, walk, exercise, drive, commute, clean the house or just lay around---it’s your choice! You’ll quickly learn how to make social media marketing a more powerful servant to your businesses. 


Kindle (mobi) or ePUB formats!

So many books these days give you a lot of theory and untested advice but this book is a real world tested action plan to make social marketing actually sell. For example, Jeff explains a method of writing questions that your customers frequently ask you and using those for the titles of your blog posts. Brilliant!! Now you might say that sounds really simple but let me ask you a question, ARE YOU DOING IT??

Ed WorthingtonSales Executive
Office Automation

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