Brands using the Spark Selling technique include

sales prospecting training courses

Start new conversations from cold & restart the old.

Tap into real-life successes of sellers like you in our Academy community

  • Attend a writing workshop
  • STRENGTHEN your message
  • learn the spark Selling method

Cold Email Assessment

Email & InMail® messages

Discover why your message isn't working + learn how to spark more response.

  • Get a "tough love" analysis from Jeff.
  • Discover weak points and strengths of your message.
  • Get recommendations to strengthen, make messages provocative.

Why does most sales prospecting training fail?

Most sales training courses forget to show sellers how to sparks customers’ curiosity using words.

Jeff Molander's communications-focused training helps you attract buyers with words using a repeatable process that:

1) Sparks buyers’ curiosity based on a pain, fear or goal.
2) Provokes buyers to act (become a lead).
3) Connects the discussion to what you sell.

Thus, prospects self-qualify or disqualify themselves. Simple.

sales prospecting training
David VeyKey Acct. Manager
Microsoft Corp.

I'm earning an 80% email reply rate from C-suite customers thanks to Jeff's technique. Whether you are in sales, service or marketing his methodology is highly effective.