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Assess & improve 9 messages

Self paced, email coaching

  • Jeff analyzes 9 messages via email & video clips
  • ​Discover your strengths & weaknesses
  • Get recommendations on provoking response using mental triggers

Live consult + email coaching

Private consult + coaching

  • One 30-minute "input consultation" with Jeff 
  • Six message critiques & recommendations
  • Email & video coaching

Live consult + live coaching

One-on-one live web sessions

  • One 30-minute "input consultation" with Jeff 
  • Six message critiques & recommendations
  • Live web meetings with Jeff


Jeff's sales communications coaching gives you:

- Starter templates so you can pick the most appropriate cold provocation technique—to spark curiosity in the buyer.

- Help when writing provocations focusing on the prospect—not falling back on prior (self-centered) habits that sabotage.

- An effective follow-up methodology to re-spark curiosity in "gone dark" conversations.

- Continued coaching to keep the saw sharp—adapt as approach styles become less effective over time.

- A means to strengthen voicemail scripts—provoking more response.

- ​Insight on what is currently provoking response—based on accumulated experience of our students across industries.

"Within a week of working with Jeff, I got a positive reply from an unresponsive prospect that I’d given up on.

By combining my own style with Jeff's provocations I'm also discovering how to engage prospects wherever they are in the buying cycle. He’s helping me build a toolkit and change my approach for great results in less time."

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Julie Cohen


Sales communications training

for teams

sales communication training

The piece your team is missing

An effective communications methodology.

Without a consistent, repeatable way of starting conversations with buyers they're done!

Most sellers struggle to start conversations, faster, using digital tools. Because they don't have an elegant, enjoyable sales communications technique when prospecting.

Most don't have a repeatable communications technique to spark customers' curiosity in what they're selling.

A process, not a program.

Jeff's Spark Selling sales communications training is giving sellers an effective process to open more doors by:

  • attracting customers by sparking their curiosity;
  • engaging in a way that allows buyers to self-qualify;
  • setting appointments faster with only the most qualified buyers.

Jeff will give your team a communications technique to produce more appointments, faster, across all digital and traditional tools.

He'll show them how to habitual-ize the technique ... to scale time and increase productivity.

sales communications
Brian BerlinSales Director
Software Anywhere

Jeff gives me and my team confidence... the ability to know what other sellers are doing, how they are changing and improving results. He gives us a 360-degree view of effective sales communications practices, across multiple industries.

sales communications
David VeyKey Account Mgr.
Microsoft Corp.

I'm earning an 80% email reply rate from C-suite customers thanks to Jeff's technique. If you are in sales, service or marketing his methodology is highly effective.

Immediate impact. Not theory.

Arm your sales reps, distributors or business owners with an unusual (but effective) communications training event.

Jeff's Spark Selling sales communications methodology consistently sparks conversations with buyers... using LinkedIn, email, Google+, Facebook, blogs, the telephone, voicemail and more.

Choose to learn online, bring Jeff to your location or combine.

Jeff’s sales communications training coaches your sellers step-by-step—guaranteeing more appointments in less time.

Your coach

Jeff Molander is an accomplished entrepreneur, having co-founded the Google Affiliate Network in 1999. He’s been selling for 20 years.

He serves as adjunct digital marketing faculty at Loyola University’s school of business, is author of Off the Hook Marketing: How to Make Social Media Sell for You and CEO of training and education firm, Molander & Associates Inc.

Jeff is the authority on making social media sell. He’s a professional speaker, sought-after corporate trainer to global corporations like Brazil’s energy company, Petrobras, IBM, Leica Geosystems... as well as Kaiser Permanente, Ricoh Canada, Quicken Loans and Pitney Bowes. Jeff assists disruptive start-ups like VerticalFox and Bitsight; mid-sized tech firms like Augusoft and small businesses like 4 Way Logistics Inc. and Precious Metal Refining Services Inc.

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Making prospecting fun again

Improving sales prospecting performance takes three steps. Thus, Jeff Molander helps every seller on your team to ...

1) Become enthusiastic, efficient prospectors—because it's fun & profitable for them.
2) Attract buyers to problem-solving conversations using an effective, repeatable, fun communications technique.
3) Facilitate the buying discussion: Help customers discover (on their own) what they want, when & why.

Our clients get results

sales communications training
Masood ZarrabianCEO & Chairman
BA Insight

Today, my team is enjoying prospecting. It’s not seen as a chore anymore. They are much more productive thanks to Jeff’s sales communications technique. They’re receiving higher email open rates and more (and better quality) responses from buyers—in just a few days.

sales communications training
Xenia MantzioriBoussias Communications, Athens, Greece

Jeff gave my Greek sales executives clear answers—not buzzwords. He gave compelling advice to an audience demanding fresh, new thinking. Jeff's no-nonsense style challenged us to think differently about social selling. He sent my sales managers back to the office with a practical, new approach to sales prospecting.