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Fresh email message ideas:
dozens of cold email workshops

A video workshop library of previously live sessions with Jeff, Jed and sellers in various industries. I will get insight on "what's working lately" to get conversations started for each seller. I specifically get:

  • Immediate video streaming access to a growing number of pre-recorded email writing workshop "clinics."
  • Ideas and new techniques to provoke replies from prospects. 

Updated prospecting techniques

I will have access to 11 video tutorials + 2 new lessons per month going forward... so I can:

  • Strengthen my cold prospecting technique.
  • Earn replies when following-up with customers who ignore me.
  • Respond confidently when customers invite discussion.
  • Bring back "gone dark" prospects who stopped engaging
  • Keep conversations active when following-up successful meetings.

Scientifically proven email templates

Immediate access to seven (7) of the latest provocation techniques in template format... ready to be customized and tested.

50% off a live, online workshop

Twice per month, I can attend a live, 60-minute workshop at 50% off the standard investment of $47. I may also volunteer to collaborate with Jeff & Jed, live.

Email workshop replays (monthly)

I get access to 2 new online coaching workshop video replays featuring Jeff, Jed and a volunteer seller being coached. I specifically get:

  • Video streaming access to 2 pre-recorded email writing workshop "clinics" each month.
  • Latest insights on what works, what doesn't... to get response from prospects in various industries.
sales communications skills

You will have continuous access to updated tips throughout months ahead, to keep your communications skills razor sharp.

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    - I'm investing to strengthen and keep my sales communications skills sharp over time.

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