Make Social Media Sell Book Review | Jeff Molander

In a world filled with so much hype, spin and charlatanism Jeff offers brave yet practical answers.If you want to sell products or services with social media read Off the Hook Marketing – and do it soon. You’ll be glad you did.

Bryan EisenbergBest-selling author & Entrepreneur
John ChancellorManagement Consultant
Amazon Top 500 Reviewer

Jeff gives you the theory about what you should be doing—or not doing—and then gives plenty of real world examples of companies that are making social media sell. Jeff goes into detail about what they are doing and the why behind what they’re doing. It is not just examples of success. He gives in-depth discussions about the specific things these companies are doing and why their actions work.”

Jeff’s performance at IBM’s recent Summit gave me a new, useful perspective on generating leads and sales using tools like LinkedIn and Facebook. His practical focus is refreshing and his insights crystal clear. He sent me back to the office motivated to make social sell.

Brian RatteIBM Industry Leader
Tania ElfersyPublisher

This book is an excellent resource to guide you away from social media madness and bring you back to focusing on your main business goal—no, not increasing your Likes, increasing your sales! Molander’s clear explanations and excellent case studies are inspiring me to rethink the way I’m using social media.

So many books these days give you a lot of theory and untested advice but this book is a real world tested action plan to make social marketing actually sell. For example, Jeff explains a method of writing questions that your customers frequently ask you and using those for the titles of your blog posts. Brilliant!! Now you might say that sounds really simple but let me ask you a question, ARE YOU DOING IT??

Ed WorthingtonSales Executive
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Jim SterneBest-selling author & Founder, eMetrics Summit

Molander is right on the money. This is a useful, practical guide for those serious about using social media to capture leads and sales. Once you’re over the wild-eyed enthusiasm of others, this book will help you get things done.

“I took just one of the ideas that popped into my head while reading the book and applied it—and got quick results in return.

Gail RogersOwner, Moonwishes Sewing & Crafts