Customer results

Customer results

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sales email response rate

Julie Cohen


Leadership development training aimed at mid to large enterprises.

"Within a week of working with Jeff, I got a positive reply from an unresponsive prospect that I’d given up on.

By combining my style with Jeff's provocations I'm engaging prospects wherever they are in the buying cycle."

Sales email no response

Netta Doron

Netta Doron Online PR

"The change in my response rate was amazing. About 60-70% better. I'm generating more meetings -- by not asking for them in the initial email. This sparks curiosity in my prospects. I'm also having more success with prospects who disappeared after showing initial interest. Using Jeff's free template ideas I'm earning more attention, response and conversations for my clients. It's actually becoming enjoyable to write brief, blunt and basic messages. Thanks, Jeff."

Sales email no response

Neil Baker M.D.

Founder - Neil Baker Consulting and Coaching

"Before practicing Jeff's technique, I spent a lot of time trying to guess what the other person is thinking. Ultimately that's an unproductive game. But now I'm getting faster and clearer responses from prospects. Brief, blunt and basic works."

Sales email no response

Cecilia Locati

Fraud Prevention Director

Fraud Fence

“I'm experiencing better response from potential clients since adjusting my technique -- based on Jeff's suggestions. Prospecting is getting easier and more enjoyable as a result!”


Sales email no response

Nick Jiwa



Contact Center vendor selection consulting for large enterprises.

"I’ve hired a lot of consultants. Jeff was the first to quickly grasp my business and target buyer. Then he suggested communications tactics that work—and strengthen my style.

That's why I'm continuing to work with Jeff. I'm finding new ways to start and re-start conversations with senior Fortune 500 call center executives."

Mark Buzan


Our Executive Director

Outsourced Association Management Services

"Many of our messages have converted prospects who previously said 'no thanks' to 'let's talk.'

Jeff's technique is essential to improving response rates for outbound campaigns."


Cold email response rate

Massood Zarrabian


BA Insight

"Today, my team is enjoying prospecting. It’s not seen as a chore anymore. They are much more productive thanks to Jeff’s communications technique. They’re receiving higher email open rates and more (and better quality) responses from buyers—in just a few days."

Cold email response rate

Brad Freels

Sales Director

BA Insight

"My follow-up response rate recently went from 20% to 80%. Jeff showed me a simple way to get response from prospects... to move them toward closing faster."

sales email response rate

Mike Shine

Sales Engineer

Mimecast (formerly BA Insight)

"Jeff's technique doubled my qualified meetings.

I'm getting more response from prospects thanks to Jeff's technique of not asking for meetings in the first touch email. Sometimes I'm getting more information back ... about where the buyer is in the consideration process ... than I would in a meeting. Even when the reply shows latent need for our solution it helps me prioritize the follow-up."

Cold email response rate

David Vey

Dynamics 365 Customer Success Manager

Microsoft (Invenio Solutions)

"Jeff Molander has had a serious impact on how I communicate, not only to customers, but also to other people within my own organization. I had the pleasure of going through weekly trainings with Jeff while I was working at a previous employer. His coaching on how to write the most effective emails as well as how to position yourself with top prospects still helps me today. I'm no longer in a sales position, but in a Customer Success role (Post Sales). I need to get as close to the top of the C-suite as I can on a regular basis, and the tools that Jeff gave me in the approach to effectively and intelligently write an email that will get a high response rate has helped me tremendously. I have about a 80% reply rate to the emails that I send to customers to seek their participation in our program. So, whether you are in sales, service or marketing, Jeff's process is one that is highly effective and successful."

Thanks Jeff,


Cold email response rate

Brian Berlin

Director of Sales


"Jeff gives me and my team confidence... the ability to know what other sellers are doing, how they are changing and improving results. He gives us a 360-degree view of effective sales communications practices, across multiple industries."

Email prospecting response rate

Samantha Coombs

Company Director

Procuri Ltd.

"I met Jeff, took his advice to heart and got to work. Within a few days I received more responses to emails and even set an appointment. Combining his psychology with my strengths was fun. Thanks, Jeff."

Email prospecting response rate

Kari Scott

Marketing Development Rep.


"I gave Jeff's template a try. My open rate jumped to 21% in less than 24 hours. I even took a meeting request for the next week. Most importantly,"

"I'm receiving meaningful responses from decision-makers more often and my messages are being opened more than once (ranging from 2-29 times)."


Email prospecting response rate

Alex Castle

Sales Executive

West Unified Communications Services

"I'm achieving a 50% response rate, working on improving it and enjoying prospecting thanks to Jeff's technique. My response rate was almost non existent previously, and now I know why. Best of all I've got a repeatable messaging framework that applies to any prospect."


Email prospecting response rate

Ingmar Lambregts


Ivenna Middle East

“I target senior executives and I carefully select each one of them, so the message must be spot on. Especially since I am selling in a region of the world where prospects hardly answer the phone and email messages are rarely responded to. However, Jeff’s technique really makes you think about what issues and pains you need to address. And it works! Out of only 27 messages sent I received 16 replies and I am currently working on closing 2 of them, all by using LinkedIn InMail. I highly recommend Jeff’s training to anyone in sales”

sales email response rate

Thomas Clifford

B2B Marketing Copywriter

"I sent three InMails today. Got three responses. A record cold email response rate. I'm in conversation for three new projects soon. Thanks, Jeff"

sales email response rate

Xenia Mantziori

Editor in Chief

Boussias Communications

“Jeff gave my Greek sales executives clear answers—not buzzwords. He gave compelling advice to an audience demanding fresh, new thinking. Jeff's no-nonsense style challenged us to think differently about social selling. He sent my sales managers back to the office with a practical, new approach to sales prospecting.”