ADP: Using LinkedIn for Sales Leads in Business Process Outsourcing BPO

How ADP is Generating Leads with LinkedIn (and Twitter)

  • By Jeff Molander

Time to read: 3.5 minutes. Do you want to start using LinkedIn for business leads? Business process outsourcing (BPO) provider ADP is leading the way. ADP knows success is all about solving potential customers’ problems and promptly moving them off of social media—DIS-engaging. Here’s how they’re doing it and how your BPO or service-focused business can do the same.

Doug Plourd is a major accounts sales executive at ADP who is successfully using LinkedIn for business leads. Yes, his approach uses the relatively new social platform (LinkedIn) to research key decision-makers; however, how Plourd is netting leads and accounts is not new at all.

He is also using Twitter—another relatively new social platform. Yet, again, the reason Twitter is so effective at generating new business leads for him is not technical or new.

Mr. Plourd is using these new tools in combination with a very old, effective idea: Solving problems for customers.

In the above 2 minute video you’ll hear how he is gaining access to key decision influencers and decision makers by:

  1. Listening for his prospect to express a pain he could remedy (or a scratch he can itch)
  2. Acting—actually proving that he can provide relief to the prospect; thus, transferring confidence to him/her
  3. Asking for the sale (or in this case the opportunity to demonstrate his ability to eliminate other pains)

None of the above ideas are new and that’s precisely the point. Don’t let all the hype-and-spin of social media marketing get you off-track. Yes, our tools are changing rapidly but what works is not revolutionizing despite all the bluster!

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