LinkedIn webinar: Sales training tips for profiles & groups

Free LinkedIn webinar: Sales training tips that work

  • By Jeff Molander

linkedin webinar sales trainingTime to read: 3 minutes. Tired of getting lousy response on LinkedIn from prospects? I’ve got a better way. This LinkedIn webinar sales training is like no other you’ve ever attended. I’m showing exactly how I got over 100 leads in 1 LinkedIn Groups post, in 7 days. Plus you’ll learn: How, when & where to put calls-to-action in your profile that drive response. 3 Essential lessons LinkedIn consultants won’t tell you (that really work). AND a strange but effective way to double InMail and email response.

No hype, no spin, no social media guru crap. Just next steps that get you leads.

linkedin webinar sales training

Here’s what most LinkedIn gurus won’t tell you.

Your success is all about making LinkedIn a simple, effective process—not a burdensome project. Getting leads is all about when and how you present information on LinkedIn—not the knowledge itself.

Ready to learn how that’s being done? No cost to you but you’ve got to be among the first 50 to connect to this LinkedIn Sales Training. There are only 50 “virtual seats” and lots of people vying for them.

Exactly how I’m building a business on LinkedIn

What makes me an expert? Why should you listen to what I have to say? Simple. I’m using what I teach to build my own business. I practice what I preach.

There are no secrets. I’ll tell you exactly how I’m doing it right here, right now. I started getting leads when I realized something surprising.

How and when I give advice matters more than the advice itself.

The more I give prospects reasons to be curious in my words the more eager they are to become leads.

All because of how and when I’m handing out advice in Groups and on my profile.

I am using Group discussions to provide helpful advice and answers to troubling questions. More importantly, I am provoking more questions and creating opportunities to generate leads. To do this, I am …

1) Getting right to-the-point.
When I start a LinkedIn Group discussion or contribute to an existing discussion I’m like a laser. I don’t make readers wait for the solution. I hit ‘em with it. However I start by…

2) Revealing slowly.
When it comes to all the juicy details of your remedy take it slow. Slow enough to encourage more questions. When you do this, make sure you are…

3) Provoking response by creating intense curiosity.
Yes, be action-oriented and specific. But avoid being so complete that readers become totally satisfied with your words.

I’ll cover how to do this in the LinkedIn webinar sales training in more detail.

What works: Short-cuts that help customers START

Inside LinkedIn Group discussions, I am basically telling prospects: “I’ll show you how to increase your success rate for free.  Right here, right now. And I hope you do something with this knowledge. But if you want to achieve your goal faster and easier, sign up for my free training.”

I give them a short-cut to getting STARTED.

My free training is a lead nurturing system. But more importantly is how it is structured. It helps prospects DO faster but it also proves my coaching and training are worth investing in—before I ask customers to pay a dime. That’s because dumping knowledge on people does not convince them to buy.

Helping them DO what’s important to them does.

I learned this the hard way. That’s why I’m offering this LinkedIn webinar sales training—so you don’t have to.

Your prospects know the difference between someone dumping a bunch of knowledge on them—and someone who gets them STARTED on achieving a goal. Best of all, a percentage of prospects who I provide free advice to pay me to get it done faster and easier.

Sometimes they even ask ME for the sale. All because of confidence my content (advice) creates in them. Again I’ll cover how to do this in the LinkedIn webinar sales training in more detail.

Join us, get started yourself!

Let go of familiar, comfortable habits. Stop broadcasting your latest blog post on LinkedIn. You know that doesn’t work. Try something new. If you do, prospects will start signing-up to become leads and eventually ask you for the sale.

Because you’ll be creating irresistible curiosity in you … and “results in advance” for them.  

Can you start causing a little bit of success in potential customers’ lives with what you say in LinkedIn Groups … or what you give-away via your profile page? Can you get prospects hungry for more of those results … and more trusting of the person giving them that taste of early success, that confidence? (you)

YES and YES. Here’s how. Join us on the LinkedIn sales training Webinar. See you there!

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