How to Use Linkedin for Sales Leads in Your Business

2 Things LinkedIn Experts Won’t Tell You
(that really work)

  • By Jeff Molander

Linkedin for Sales

Time to read: 3 minutes. Wondering how to use LinkedIn for business? Can’t figure out how to use LinkedIn for sales leads? You’re not alone and you’re about to discover how to start using Linkedin for sales.

Most LinkedIn experts proclaim the platform is revolutionizing how business is done but the truth is out: That’s just hype. What has worked best in the past “offline” still works today online. Namely, old school direct response marketing works like gangbusters if you’re using LinkedIn for business.

Sssh… You’ll Ruin it for All of Us!

Sorry, I’ve had enough of all the bullshnikity we consultants have been feeding marketers lately. Social media marketing platforms like LinkedIn are so over-hyped and so sensationalized by “experts” that most business folks are blocking their own success. They’re sabotaging their ability to start selling on social platforms like Facebook, blogs and Twitter. This is the first fact that social media experts don’t want you to know.

Expert consultants would rather have you react to social media rather than understand that it is merely an evolutionary step. Because when you react to things in life you don’t think much. When you stop thinking you might just start believing that platforms like LinkedIn are too new, too fast-paced and too complex for your feeble little brain to comprehend—let alone actually do.

You might just start throwing money at people.

Don’t fall into this trap!

The Power of Direct Response

Let’s say you want to start using LinkedIn for sales. Whether you’re selling products or services here’s one of my best LinkedIn tips for business: Start provoking your target market to take action on something they already want to take action on. Make that “something” a solution (or answer) that relates not only to your customer’s need but your product or service too.

In other words, you probably already know an itch that your target market would like to have scratched (a question they need answered or problem they need solved). Use this to your advantage.

Think about it this way: Why do most of us love to watch direct response TV infomercials? Because we are addicted to watching people solve problems in new and innovative ways—ways that might just help us or someone we know. Whether it’s Billy Mays, Ron Popeil or someone pitching spray-on hair we’re always there to watch what we know is a sales pitch. Because we always like to see a good problem get solved.

It works the same way inside LinkedIn Groups.

Groups are hotbeds of people seeking solutions—asking questions that need answering.

Solve Problems, Net Leads, Make Sales on LinkedIn

By answering common, everyday questions that my target market asks—in ways that I can trade off of—I win and my target market wins. I net leads and they get problems solved (or move closer to the answer they’re seeking). Combining this technique (see my article, Using LinkedIn for Sales Leads in 3 Steps) with a direct response marketing approach is a sure-fire winner. I’m living proof—as are the handful of businesses I’ve been studying lately who use this technique.

Sure there are tricks of the trade like using calls to action at the right moment and applying neurolinguistics to push your target’s emotional buttons to provoke them into taking actions that create leads. The point is this: step one is disowning the belief in hokus-pokus that surrounds social media platforms like LinkedIn. Stop believing the gurus.

Step two is critical. Take action on what you now know. Study how the real experts (the business owners quietly making sales!) are using LinkedIn for sales. Let them be your guide to LinkedIn!

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