How to promote an event on social media & get early registrations (in 3 steps)

How to promote an event on social media & get early registrations (in 3 steps)

  • By Jeff Molander

how to promote an event on social media

Time to read: 3 minutes. How do you get people to buy event tickets early? Here’s a fast, effective way to promote an event on social media and get those early sales or registrations… in three steps. Success is all about dangling the right carrots.

A tactic that works like dynamite is this.

  1. Host a Webinar focused on your events’ very best speakers & entertainers.
  2. Attract Webinar attendees using give-aways from speakers who have something worth getting hands on.
  3. Dangle MORE carrots on the Webinar via the VERY best sound bytes from speakers that prove your event is worth attending.

Let’s look at each of these steps in detail… really quick.

Step 1: Give “Webinar samples” of your best content

Make sure your speakers agree to appear on a brief but sound-byte-filled Webinar that gives away your speakers’ very best insights. Make sure your speakers WORK for you. As a speaker myself, I’m more than willing to help you make the event a big success. It starts with getting butts registered!

A short but energy-packed Webinar will, if designed correctly, pull registrants toward your event. Having your best speakers answer THE questions (they need answered) will spark registrations.

Sure there are the big Webinar providers but have you checked out a quick up-and-comer called StartMeeting? (a brand of Wow. Amazing technology that is simple as pie to learn and has a great set of Web-based audio controls for managing Webinars like a serious pro.

I use it for all my Making Social Media Sell Webinars.

Step 2: Attract Webinar attendees using give-aways

Getting people to your Webinar isn’t difficult IF you “bait” or “ethically bribe” attendees using a carrot (give-away) from speakers who have something worth getting hands on (in the eyes of attendees).

The idea here is to announce that Webinar attendees can “Win_________ by being on the Webinar…”

Make sure the give-away happens at the end of your Webinar. What kind of give-aways work best to promote an event on social media?

Books, live or valuable packaged training programs… any good stuff usually available to you through speakers.

Push your speakers to give away something really nice… valuable.

I give away my Social Media Sales Training, for instance, or a full CASE of books. It costs me $100 and retails for nearly $1,000. It’s a huge ethical bribe that really works and as a speaker I’m totally willing to help promote an event on social media and make my client’s live event a success.

Step 3: Dangle carrots: Prove your event has it ALL

On the Webinar dangle MORE carrots using the VERY best sound bytes from speakers that prove your event is worth attending. For instance, when I do this for clients I make these kinds of statements… bytes that make them want to hear more (at the event!).

“You can have all the character… tell more engaging stories… have more personality than all your competitors combined. 
You can have all the attention and all the traffic to your Web site too. 

If you don’t have a way to get customers to take action on what your just ‘put out there’ on YouTube, your blog or Facebook—in a way you can connect to your product? You’re sunk.”

I want people to stop what they’re doing and say, “hey… that’s insightful… I never heard anyone put it that way before…” So on the Webinar I’ll tease listeners by saying things like…

“The puzzle to create more leads, registrations and sales with social media is solved. 

1) Starting conversations that are worth having. 

2) Conversing in ways that generate more questions from prospects… that you have answers to—and can easily connect to the products, services or events you sell when appropriate. 

3) Nurturing prospects by helping them do things that create confidence in them—not us. Their confidence will, if we’ve done our job well, rub off on us as trust. People always trust the people who give them confidence in themselves. 

This is how to increase customer inquiries, get more early registrations and close more sales using social media. Plain and simple.” 


“The gurus all say, ‘Social media serves as a platform where current relationships with customers can be nurtured and new relationships can be formed… not a place to sell.’ 

Next time you hear a social media guru make this claim ask them… 

‘What’s the point of building relationships, creating conversation, nurturing relationships if ultimately it cannot sustain the business we’re running… you know, the one that pays your salary?’ 

Also, ‘how can we make someone loyal to our brand without, first, selling them something?'” 

To promote an event on social media successfully you need to make potential attendees hungry for more of what your speakers just gave them (on the Webinar). The goal is to make your speakers irresistible… create intense curiosity about the live event through speakers.

Of course, this requires having speakers with something NEW to say! 

I hope this helps you figure out how to promote an event on social media. Questions? Let me know!

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