How to generate leads: A strange but effective tactic using Curiosity

How to generate leads using curiosity: A strange but effective tactic

  • By Jeff Molander

Time to read: 3.5 minutes. I figured out how to generate leads online—in a really strange but effective way. Whether I’m blogging, posting videos on YouTube or updating Facebook, the more intense curiosity the more response and leads I generate. It really is that simple. Wondering how to generate leads faster—in a way you can repeat? Use social media to give buyers temporary satisfaction. Answer questions in ways that satisfy yet provokes intense curiosity. Make buyers curious about the details behind your solution.

Seems obvious, but are you doing it?

“Is social media a waste of time… is it as hopeless as it feels when I try to generate leads online?”

Whether it’s B2B sellers or business-to-consumer marketers, I get asked this question all the time. My response is a question:

“What are you doing to create curiosity in your customers? Are posts to Google+, YouTube video or blog posts structured to provoke curiosity in buyers?”

Quite often my question is met with a curious look! Creating curiosity that lures customers seems obvious. So are you doing it?

It’s A Strange but Effective way to Get Sales with a Blog, LinkedIn and Email I admit!

1 Small shift that always generates leads

There is no silver bullet for generating leads. However, there is 1 habit that consistently brings my students, clients and myself more success generating leads online:

Giving customers a reason to click and take action—resolve or improve something important to them.

Once you take this simple idea and turn it into a habit you will start generating more leads. Period.

Engagement is NOT the goal

  • Grab attention
  • Provoke engagement
  • Get responded to

At the simplest level these are our goals. Grab attention. Then hold it—long enough to provoke engagement and get responded to. Will you agree with me that without RESPONSE you’re wasting precious time? (Yes or yes!?)

Can you also agree that engagement is not the goal. I know we’ve been told it is. It feels strange saying it’s not. But engagement is the beginning of a courtship process—not the end goal.

Engagement is the entry fee. It’s your chance to create irresistible curiosity—or let your customer click away.

Blogging, LinkedIn Groups, YouTube… these CAN be big time-savers… but only IF you act on the truth:

  • Engagement is the beginning;
  • response is the goal;
  • it’s easy to get response using a system to get customers curious.

Creating temporary satisfaction (and hunger for more)

The idea here is to give customers temporary satisfaction. When you blog, update Facebook, post videos on YouTube answer customers’ questions in ways that satisfy. However, make sure your answers cause more questions to pop into their heads.

(If you need to know where to start, see these tips for more details on how to start content marketing by picking questions to answer)

Courtship is actually a dialogue of questions. At the simplest level, the process works like this: Question, answer… question, answer… question, answer. Think about the dating process at the highest level.

Masters of the courtship process have always known the secret to creating intense curiosity:

Being a little mysterious. Holding a little information back. Strategically timing the sharing of information.

We’re trying to get the other person to be curious about us. So the best way to spark curiosity is to answer questions in direct ways that satisfy—but only for the moment. Answers should generate more questions… more curiosity in what we are all about.

Beware! We need to be credible. We cannot risk playing games with the other side. Yet being a little mysterious is fair play. It encourages more questions. This is how to generate leads.

In business it works the same. Your ability to get more leads with social media will be determined by your ability to answer questions in ways that provoke more questions from the buyer.

Follow this simple technique

So let’s cut-to-the-chase. Here are my best tips on structuring what to say, when—so you create that hunger for more details in potential buyers. Remember, intense curiosity is the goal. Leverage customers’ natural curiosity. This is how to generate leads.

Start here. Answer a question your target market needs answered in a way that will attract them. Do it on any social platform you choose. When you do this follow these guidelines:

1) Get right to-the-point.
When you start or contribute to a LinkedIn Group discussion, contribute to an existing Google+ or Facebook discussion be like a laser. Don’t make readers wait for the solution. Hit ‘em with it. However start by…

2) Revealing slowly.
When it comes to all the juicy details of your remedy take it slow. Slow enough to encourage more questions—to create curiosity in the total solution. When you do this, make sure you are…

3) Provoking response by leveraging customers’ curiosity.
Yes, be action-oriented and specific. But avoid being so complete that readers become totally satisfied with your words.

Your turn

Answering buyer’s questions… educating them… in ways that provokes intense curiosity in the seller.

DOGGONE! That’s a really PRACTICAL idea. Isn’t it?

Want to put this to action? Join me next week on Pinpointe’s live training Webinar, A Strange but Effective way to Get Sales with a Blog, LinkedIn and Email where I’ll be giving away $1200 in books and training. No joke, I’m going all-out!

Grabbing attention and generating a lead can simple. Just give prospects a clear, compelling, irresistible way to get more of the satisfaction you just gave them.

Make the call-to-action for a more complete set of answers that you trade with the prospect.

Form the habit. Every time you publish online give  prospects a reason to care what you have to say AND crave more details from you. Then, give them a clear way to ACT on that impulse.

Make the call-to-action. Get the lead.

Blogging, LinkedIn Groups, YouTube… these CAN be big time-savers… but only IF you realize: Engagement is the beginning. And only if you use an effective, systematic approach to getting customers curious.

This approach.

Remember, the idea is to give customers temporary satisfaction. Answer questions in ways that satisfy but spark more questions in their heads.

Let me know how it works for you!

Photo credit: The very talented, Vassilena Valchanova

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