How to generate insurance leads: A 3 step system using video

How to generate insurance leads online: 3 steps to success

  • By Jeff Molander

how to generate insurance leads

Time to read: 3.5 minutes. Joey Giangola of Giangola Insurance knows how to generate insurance leads better than anyone I’ve met. His secret weapon? A blog and pithy YouTube videos that give customers more than just an education. Joey gives clients the confidence needed to pull the trigger—buy. I’ve dissected his system so you can learn how too, in 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Get customers confident in themselves (not you)

Social media gurus say we must be trusted. Ok. So how? Where to start?

Joey knows that clients won’t buy unless they’re confident in their ability—to make the best decision. Their investment MUST be the “best fit.”

So instead of blogging about insurance products or changes in the industry, Joey is showing prospects how to make better decisions—in ways that give them “buying confidence.”

Giving clients ANSWERS to common questions is his over-arching strategy. This creates confidence in clients and trust in Joey.

Step Two: Create hunger for more answers

Like you, Joey is challenged to use social media. But where he starts is different. Better.

Joey realizes his blog and YouTube will be best used to eliminate his buyers’ confusion, frustration and lack of confidence.

This is what creates leads for his growing, family-owned agency.

Joey is simply answering customers’ burning questions … but … in ways that create more questions in their minds. Questions he has answers to.

He’s answering questions in ways that spark more questions in minds of clients. He creates hunger for more of his answers.

Step Three: Trade confidence for a lead

Joey takes advantage of hunger he’s creating by making an “even trade” with prospects: He gives access to MORE answers (more confidence) in exchange for information on who they are.

Joey does this with clear, well-placed calls-to-action for his Complete Guide to Getting Individual and Family Health Insurance.

That’s right. He’s using this guide to net new customer leads and is CLOSING new business.

Now, let’s take a look at each of these steps in more detail so you can exploit them in your office.

Step 1: Get customers confident in themselves

What makes Joey’s approach more effective than most insurance agents?

His focus on remedying customers’ pains—in ways that increase their confidence in buying. Joey knows social media is not about creating trust in him. First he’s got to create confidence in the buyer.

Here is how he’s doing it: He’s matching how he writes to how customers are expressing pain, or asking questions in search engines. Joey uses a question-and-answer style blog post writing template to keep it simple.

He understands risks customers want to avoid. He understands goals they want to achieve. So he blogs in ways that shows prospects, step-by-step, how to avoid risks and achieve goals. This is is the first step in a process—a better way of getting discovered AND entering into active discussions with prospects.

(Bye the way, you can learn how to do this too in my free training course … I’ll guide you step-by-step)

HOT TIP: Don’t restrict the questions to those about your product—think like a buyer. For example, are there myths your prospects believe that prevent them from understanding an important consideration point? Do they fear getting ripped-off or talked into a situation that doesn’t serve them? Is there an experience they’re craving?

To get ideas on what to write about, listen to potential customers as they express:

  • fears
  • hopes, aspirations
  • goals or objectives
  • problems or challenges

Step 2: Create hunger for more answers

Like you, Joey must eliminate his buyers’ confusion, frustration and lack of confidence … AND earn a lead. He achieves all of these goals by answering questions in ways that create more questions in customers’ minds. He creates curiosity in himself that customers can’t resist.

For example, probably like yours do, Joey’s prospects need to know what the options are, what’s best for them. Fast and without the bull. Understanding new U.S. health insurance policies is annoying at best and impossible at worst for his to generate insurance leads

Joey’s answer? Write blogs and shoot videos that cut through the jargon and help people understand, step-by-step, what’s best for them. Along the way, he keeps it engaging by interjecting empathy and a sense of humor about a subject that is anything but funny.

Most importantly Joey uses a way of blogging that creates hunger for more answers. By offering complete, no-nonsense, candid and sometimes caustic advice Joey perfectly positions himself as an expert who has more to offer.

Joey gives answers to vexing questions in direct, plainly-spoken ways that gives prospects a little bit of confidence … AND creates hunger for more (answers).  More confidence.

HOT TIP: To do this on your blog or YouTube channel, lay out your knowledge, tips and actionable information in ways that encourage more questions. Be specific but not so complete that readers become fully satisfied.

Step 3: Trade confidence for a lead

Everyone wants to be more confident. It’s human instinct. That’s why Joey makes an event trade with prospects: He gives access to a little bit of confidence (on a blog post or video) for free. But he works hard to make sure they get hungry for more. Then he exchanges more valuable knowledge, tools, tips and tricks for information on who the prospect is and what’s important to them.

He earns a lead by giving prospects a clear way to act on the hunger (a clear way to get more confidence).

For example, has anyone ever told you about a risk you were unknowingly taking—that you didn’t need to be? When we suddenly realize a way to avoid danger (thanks to someone else) it makes us feel relieved. But then we start to worry again.

We often wonder, “Gosh, what else do I NOT know … that this person DOES know!?”

We’re not confident in ourselves … but we want to be. NOW!

You see, once we discover how avoid something dangerous it often creates hunger for more knowledge about avoiding more risks. PLUS it builds trust in the person dispensing the advice!

All that is needed to take advantage of this hunger and trust is a call-to-action: A clear way to help prospects act on instinct.

Take ACTION on Joey’s Technique!
Toward the end of the blog post create a call-to-action that lets customers take action on the craving your post just created.

Publish and promote downloadable guides that help customers get something done faster, better, smarter, cheaper.

For how to generate insurance leadsexample, help customers decide on “best fit” for their needs … or checklists that guide buyers toward better (personalized) decisions … or short video tutorials that teach customers a skill or short-cut that is relate-able to their goal and what you sell.  

Joey uses his Complete Guide to Getting Individual and Family Health Insurance.

He’s using his guide to find new leads and is CLOSING new business too. All from this 3 step approach. That’s how to generate insurance leads online!

By now, if I’ve done my job well, you’re getting hungry for more answers about how to do this in your own business. Well, I practice what I preach.

Hungry for more details on how to generate insurance leads online? Let me show you how in my free training course. I’ll guide you step-by-step.

Good luck to you!

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