3 Steps to Generating Sales Leads on social media more often

3 Steps to generating sales leads on social media more often

  • By Jeff Molander


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Time to read: 3 minutes. I struggled with generating sales leads on social media for years. But once I discovered a surprisingly simple technique everything changed. Nope, I didn’t get advice from a social media guru charlatan. I changed one small thing based on my gut instinct. I’m making everything I say and do online irresistible to customers. Just like when I go fishing.

The results were impressive—and quick too. Today, I’ve habitual-ized what I learned. It makes generating sales leads fun. Yes, fun.

Generating sales leads: Where to start

The best place to start is ignoring popular “guru wisdom.” Generating sales leads is NOT as simple as broadcasting about yourself. But it’s not difficult either.

Here’s what works. Do this one small thing every time you try to generate a sales lead:

Give people a reason to take action.

It sounds trite but are you doing it? Are you posting on LinkedIn or updating your Facebook status with words that provoke customers to take action? Are you blogging in ways that give prospects a reason to care AND act?

Are you inviting customers to take action on a problem or goal you know they want to act on—and connecting that to what you sell?

If you’re like 90% of marketers you’re not. You’re telling the world that you exist—broadcasting and hoping they’ll pay attention. You’re advertising.

Step 1: Give prospects a reason to bite (click and skim)

Ultimately, giving potential customers a reason to act is the key to generating sales leads on all media. Direct response marketers have known it for decades.

Showing and telling buyers about a “better way” or short-cut to getting what they want is the key to unlocking leads and, eventually, sales. Whether it’s tighter asses, better abs, learning to sell on Ebay or smarter kids direct response marketing is all about one thing: ACTION.

When generating sales leads online it’s the same, simple idea that works: Giving customers a clear, compelling reason to care enough to act—to glance at our headline, become curious and click. Get them to nibble on your bait.

What can you say in a headline or single sentence to get customers to say to themselves…

  • “I’d like to know more about exploiting that opportunity” after reading your blog or
  • “this sounds like something I should explore” after seeing your Facebook update or
  • “oh my gosh, I had no idea… this sounds scary how can I avoid that?” after viewing your YouTube video

Think in simple terms. What itch can you scratch? What pain can you relieve or what short-cut to success can you help customers take action on? What fear can you help them overcome?

What help can you offer them?

If you’d like to take action on beginning this process in your business, enroll in my free training course here.

Step 2: Hook customers by making them curious

Once we’ve got a prospect nibbling it’s time to get them hooked, fast. Create intense curiosity in what you’re saying. Here’s how: Give them an immediate result. This makes keeps them around long enough to develop hunger for more.

In the first few seconds of your video or first paragraph of your blog, immediately deliver what you promised in the headline:

  • the remedy to their pain
  • the better way to achieve their goal
  • the short-cut to success or way to avoid a dangerous risk

Here is an example of a video on getting customers to buy online. Notice my headline’s promise and how I waste no time giving my unique perspective and “how to” advice. But I keep it “high level.” This makes them hungry for more details.

What we’re doing in this step is inviting the prospect on a journey. We’re not hooking them with a cheap thrill or veiled promise. We’re proving that we’re worth engaging with. THEY are hooking themselves on the value you offer.

In step 1 we earned the customers’ attention, made the promise. In this step we’re IMMEDIATELY keeping the promise by delivering a small but powerful result—the remedy, better way, short-cut, insight, etc.

Have you ever read a headline on Facebook, a blog or YouTube video, clicked and NOT gotten what you were promised? Or maybe the publisher took too long to give it to you and you left the page?

That’s why this step works so well in generating sales leads online. You instantly become UN-like most online sellers. You actually deliver on your “content promise.” That creates distinction AND hunger for more remedies, short-cuts or “how to” advice.

Step 3: Give prospects an irresistible reason to act

This is the payoff step—where we actually generate a lead. The key to successfully generating sales leads online is turning-up the volume on the curiosity you created (in step 2) by helping the customer take action.

In other words, if you execute step 2 properly the buyer will be intensely curious about you. You’ve set-up a call to action. Now is the time to make it.

Be careful: Now is not time for a sales pitch. Instead, it’s time for a lead generation offer. You’ve got the customer’s curiosity—not their trust. See here to get more in-depth details on how to make an effective call to action. Or, take action on beginning this 3-step process by enrolling in my free training course here.

In step #2 you took care structuring words to create intense curiosity in buyers. Now is when we’ll take advantage of that “hunger for more details” by helping them act on something we know they want to act on. In fact, this 3-step strategy “sets-up” a call-to-action that is often met eagerly by your prospect. What’s better than a call-to-action that a customer is hoping for?

This is where we move from engaging with a prospect to entering into courtship with them. This is where we move from earning customers attention and interest toward earning trust.

Your turn

Is generating sales leads difficult? Yes, it can be. But if you use a simple, practical system you’ll have far more success. Generating sales leads is NOT as simple as broadcasting about yourself. But it’s not brain surgery either.

Just remember: Do this on small thing when generating sales leads.

Give people a reason to take action that creates more curiosity in you. Then, exploit that curiosity. 

Again, it sounds trite but are you doing it? Good luck!

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