How Garden Supply Stores & Nursery Retailers are Selling on Social Media

How Garden Supply Stores & Nurseries are Selling with Social Media

  • By Jeff Molander

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Time to read: 3.5 minutes. How are today’s best garden supply stores and nurseries selling more products and services with social media? Successful nursery, farming and gardening store owners are not following the advice of social media experts. This handful of savvy retailers are using on an age-old idea: solving customers problems. Businesses like Wiggly Wigglers are thriving by publishing blogs, YouTube videos, ebooks, podcasts and Facebook updates that create leads and sales by helping customers solve common gardening and landscaping problems in innovative new ways. And now you can too.

How can my store sell with social media?
Can I generate profit from social media efforts?
Can I speed up the sales process with social media?
How do I get sales when social is not supposed to be sales oriented?

As it turns out, there is a simple, practical way to make social media sell for your store that you can start on right now. This system is based on your existing approach to doing business—regardless of your niche market, products, services or size of your store. It is the key to selling more with social media marketing and here it is… in plain English.

Stop doing what everyone else is doing. It doesn’t work! Here’s what to do.

Step 1: Get Clear

“What works” is getting crystal clear on:

  1. What specific problems customers have that must be overcome before they’ll purchase.
  2. Specific emotional desires or goals customers have.
  3. The path they’ll take to overcome fears (or that relate to their goal) before making a purchase decision.

The good news it’s easy to discover these 3 things very quickly. Any good business owner should know them. Write them down right now on a piece of paper right now.

Make no mistake. THIS is where you want to start with social media marketing for your nursery or garden supply store.

Step 2: Finding the ‘Hidden Buyers’

“No one is going to wake up in the morning and say, ‘Ah-ha! I really need to compost my kitchen waste using worms,’” smiles Heather Gorringe, owner of UK-based Wiggly Wigglers. social media gardening supply

Gorringe says gardening retailers who want to survive and thrive must help customers come up with creative solutions to common, everyday problems in order to earn the relationship and, ultimately, the sale.

She says hobby farmers and gardeners have grown to expect something for nothing. They demand useful tips and tricks from people they trust. Customers expect to buy from sellers who are educated about gardening and genuinely likable.

Sound familiar?

Customers also expect sellers to be available, “always on” and publishing in formats they find useful—like blogs they can read, podcasts they can listen to on-the-run and short video clips they can view.

Addressing the demands of prospective customers works. After nearly crashing due to the global recession, Wiggly Wigglers is proof. Today, they’ve grown from a small town retailer to an international, social media-driven business—complete with a growing customer database of over 70,000 e-mail newsletter subscribers.

About 7 percent of new customers are coming from Facebook and Twitter and the company’s podcast has thousands of listeners from all around the world with scores of 5-star reviews on iTunes.

Confidence: Why Solving Problems Creates Sales

The Wiggly team has one BIG goal: Creating mini-successes for its current and prospective customers. Think about it in your own life. The more success we have, as humans, the more confident we become—the more we believe we can achieve even bigger goals, do more important things and have even better experiences.

That’s why Wiggly Wigglers produces frequent, lively, information-rich video and podcast programs covering the environment, wildlife, gardening, farming and biodiversity. Prospective and current customers are gobbling up the free, high-quality, high-energy advice. They’re becoming confident.

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Generally, all buyers have questions and are seeking guidance before they buy. They’re yearning for a reason to believe (become confident) that whatever it is they want can actually happen for them—on time, on budget, without making a mess of the place. They want to be confident.

They want to believe that someone (you) can make that something that they want actually happen for them.

So your job is to show customers that your store can make it happen… in your blogs, videos, downloads, etc. Do it simply by answering questions in ways that create more questions. This part is key. Tell customers something they don’t know in a way that teases them… ethically bribes them to ask you for more details!

Focus on solving common problems, revealing hidden risks or helping customers perfect a skill relating to their end goal (that your store can deliver). Then give them the chance to sign up for something (subscribe to a podcast, video series… a lead nurturing process) that continues the journey. This is a critical part of the equation that I’ll cover later.

A Free Training Course to Get You Started

Better yet, if you really want to get moving on discovering the best content for blogs (the stuff that sells!) take a look at my FREE Make Social Media Sell Now Training Program. Good luck!

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