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Time to read: 2 minutes. What is the best content for blogs? As it turns out the answer is not what most social media “experts” advise. The best content for blogs are videos, articles etc. that help a marketer create a lead or sale. That means content for blogs needs to help your customer solve a problem and/or sample that remarkable experience—the one provided by your product or service. Here’s a quick system to go beyond engaging customers to get that job done AND a free training program that will help you get going.

There is a simple way to make blog marketing sell for you. It is based on a business’s approach to marketing itself. That means it’s easy to understand and easy to apply. In fact, it’s so practical that any business can immediately gain benefits—regardless of the target market, products, services or size. It is the key to selling more with blog marketing and here it is—in plain English.

Step 1: Do NOT Focus on Search Engines (SEO)

Most content marketing and blogging experts say that search engine optimization is important. Yes, it is. But starting with keywords in mind is the WRONG place to start. The best place to start is identifying a problem to solve that relates directly—or indirectly—to the buying process that your typical customer will take before they buy. In particular, you need to get crystal clear on:

  1. What specific problems they have that must be overcome before they’ll purchase.
  2. Specific emotional desires or goals they have.
  3. The path they’ll take to overcome fears (or that relate to their goal) before making a purchase decision.

Believe it or not it’s easier than you think to discover these 3 things very quickly. Make no mistake. THIS is where you want to start—not keyword research. Researching keywords that customers type into search engines comes AFTER you identify the problem you will help them solve or the positive experience you will show them (that they can have too).

Most marketers fail at blog marketing because they research what keywords customers are using rather than identify WHY customers are using them to begin with. This lack of context leads to fewer leads and sales—or none at all!

Step 2: Ask Yourself the Obvious Questions

Getting customers to your blog is the relatively easy part. Earning a sale from them is the hard part.  So that makes it smart to invest more of your precious time in mastering that part. This means shifting focus. The fastest way to start creating content for blogs that SELLS for you is to simply ask yourself the obvious questions. These include…

  1. What questions do your customers need answered before they’ll buy? Don’t restrict the questions to those about your product—think like a buyer. What questions that do NOT relate specifically to your product must they find answers to first?
  2. What is the emotional end-goal that your customers have? What “state of mind” do they need to reach more than anything else?
  3. What can you give the customer that will give them an early taste of success? Think about all the things that relate to their “path to purchase.” What new skills could you teach them? Can you tutor them in something or help them get a more clear understanding of their need?Why does this matter? Because when they have that skill, experience that “small win” or get more clear it will give them confidence in themselves.More importantly it will simultaneously build trust in you! 
  4. Do some prospective customers believe false myths that prevent them from purchasing? Write down these pesky buggers so you can address them in ways that debunk ’em for customers who deserve to know the truth.

A Free Training Course to Get You Startedfree video training social media

This will get you started but if you really want to get moving on discovering the best content for blogs (the stuff that sells!) take a look at my FREE Make Social Media Sell Now Training Program. Good luck!

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Jeff is the authority on starting conversations with busy people. As founder of Communications Edge Inc. he teaches a proven, effective technique to spark buyers curiosity in sales outreach & marketing messages. He's an accomplished entrepreneur, having co-founded the Google Affiliate Network and what is today the Performics division of Publicis Groupe. Jeff served as adjunct digital marketing faculty at Loyola University’s school of business. His book, Off The Hook Marketing: How to Make Social Media Sell for You, is first to offer businesses a clear, practical way to create leads and sales with technology platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and blogs.

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