7 Cold email templates

Choose the provocation formula to match your challenge

inmail template for sales email

Are you a consultative seller?

Are status quo clients resisting change?

follow-up email template sales meeting

Jeff Eskow 

Account Executive


I sent your follow-up InMail template to 59 prospects -- and got 22 responses.

As a result, I'm talking with 8 potential buyers. I also received 5 referrals to other contacts within the target company. Thanks, Jeff!

inmail for sales

Julie Cohen



Within a week, I got a positive reply from an unresponsive prospect that I’d given up on.

I'm discovering how to engage prospects wherever they are in the buying cycle.

Thanks for helping me build a toolkit to get results in less time, Jeff.

email for sales meeting

Michael Lake

Sr. VP, Markeing

Evergreen Partners

I sent an InMail template you suggested to 176 senior salespeople within the Fortune 500. 83 opened it (47%)... we completely booked-up our time at an important trade show with appointments... and even started working a deal before the show. Thanks, Jeff.

images courtesy of Delwar Hossain, Gregor Cresnar, Creative Stall