Finally ...
A way to sell

Maybe you've read books on blogging or social selling--only to be underwhelmed by the results.

Probably because you've been focused on engagement as the goal.

Engagement is the beginning. It is the starting point to create a conversation that leads to a sale.

This book, and my training courses, are focused on S-A-L-E-S not just "traffic to your site." Each chapter concludes with reflection questions that show you where to start. Cheers!

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Off the Hook Marketing (Paperback)

The definitive guide to selling with social media. Learn how to develop a social media sales strategy—FAST. Jeff shows you a practical system to start making social media sell for you in the first few pages. You’ll even learn how to avoid common ‘best practices’ that actually prevent success with selling on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

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