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The only blog post writing template you’ll ever need (to create SALES)

Time to read: 4 minutes. Need to write blog posts that create sales leads faster and easier? Use this proven, effective blog post writing template. This method consistently produces leads for me,

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Social media lead generation: How to increase leads 400% in 90 days

Time to read: 3 minutes.  It sounds like a fairy tail but it's true. Inbound marketing manager, McKay Allan created a social media lead generation system that got LogMyCalls more new customers in 90

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Generating leads with LinkedIn: An effective 3-step process

Time to read: 3 minutes. Want to be radically effective at generating leads with LinkedIn? Get prospects who aren't ready to talk about what you sell OFF of LinkedIn. That's the key. Here's how to

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Linkedin groups for lead generation: 3 lessons learned (that made a difference)

Time to read: 4 minutes. At first, using LinkedIn groups for lead generation was like taking a stick to my eye. But once I realized 3 things I got more leads and less headaches. #1: Effective copywriting

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The untold story: How HubSpot grew sales 1,193% in 3 years

There are few social media sales examples better than HubSpot. This (now) famous software start-up exploded onto the scene in 2006. Two years later they hit $2.2 million in sales and $52 million 4 years

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How to create value customers will pay for in 3 steps

Time to read: 3.5 minutes. From start-ups to large corporations we're all creating value by cranking out content---blogs, videos and white papers. Yet most are failing to create enough value to generate

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How long should it take to start getting leads on my blog?

Time to read: 3 minutes. "How long should it take to start generating leads on my blog? How many blog posts are needed to make money, how often?" The answer may surprise you. In many cases we're talking

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How to promote an event on social media & get early registrations (in 3 steps)

Time to read: 3 minutes. How do you get people to buy event tickets early? Here's a fast, effective way to promote an event on social media and get those early sales or registrations... in three steps.

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How Hotels, Conventions & Resorts CanConvert Facebook Fans to Bookings

Time to read: 3 minutes. If your hotel, resort, convention and visitors' bureau or hospitality-related business is struggling to turn Facebook fans into booked rooms or events you're not alone. But

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If social is right or wrong is the wrong question

Time to read: 2 minutes. While you're reading that article on "is social media right for your company?" your competitors are finding out. They're creating leads and sales by asking better questions

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