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Sell More with Social Media with These 3 Habits

Time to read/listen: 3.5 minutes. How do they do it? How is Logan Services using Facebook and blogging to sell heating and air conditioning systems on Facebook? How is convincing pet

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How Avaya makes Twitter sell: Successfully aligning sales with marketing

Time to read: 3 minutes. Successful B2B social sellers like Avaya are converting individual Twitter tweets into $250,000 contracts.  The company realizes: the answer to generating leads and sales with

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How travel & hospitality businesses can sell with social media

Time to read: 3 minutes. Do you need social marketing tools like Facebook to sell?  Design them to be USEFUL.  Make things easy for customers.  When it comes to social media best practices (that

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Making social media sell: 3 tips for medical device marketers

Time to read 3 minutes. If you want social media marketing to sell your product or service just design it to.  Focus on marketing processes.  Here are three practical tips to get the job done that may

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