Blog coaching services: How to avoid the wrong blog coach

How to avoid hiring the wrong blog coach

  • By Jeff Molander

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Time to read: 3 minutes. Shopping for blog coaching services? Beware of nice but misguided blog coaches. They’ll make claims like, “frequency of blogging and passion are keys to effective business blogging.” Or, “results will come when you show customers you care about them.” Beware: this advise is common but misguided. Make sure your blog coach teaches a specific, proven response-driven process to create leads and sales.

The passion myth

Your passion for what you do, caring and giving are merely costs of entry to blogging. Process is the force multiplier. HOW you structure what you write will make or break your business blogging strategy. Period.

Want to waste time? Tell good stories that don’t trigger a response. Or show compassion for customers’ challenges without giving them a way to take action on resolving them (in exchange for becoming a lead).

When shopping for blog coaching services beware of the blog coach who isn’t teaching proven ways to create response with blogs. There are plenty who don’t.

If all you do is “write from the soul,” pour your deepest passion into it and give away all your best advice what’s the result? I’ll tell you what the result was for me, for the longest time.

(insert sound effect: crickets)

I suffered myself from investing time in having passionate monologues online. As an author and trainer, I spent years doing the research. What works at generating new business with my blog is striking a balance between passion and process.

So how can you make “the doing” of blogging systematic—yet free-flowing, enjoyable and effective at generating leads?

Make sure you learn this 3-step process

Mix passion with structured diligence. Create a way to use technology that feels effortless and scales your time. Now that’s a great idea. Here’s how to do it.

First, ignore any blog coaching services claiming, “blog passionately and the results will come.” Because they won’t. And if they do it won’t be because of your passion. True: nothing great ever materialized without passion. But creating sales with your blog depends less on passion and more applying a systematic approach—out of habit.

When looking for a blog coach or blog coaching services, be sure to learn how to …

  1. Teach prospects how to reach goals, solve problems or avoid risks in ways they can act on;
  2. create confidence in them and (in doing so) trust in you;
  3. guide customers in ways that create more questions; foster hunger for more success (more of your answers).

Want to learn that process right now … free? Check out this video tutorial and worksheet. Otherwise, the above process leaves a LOT of room to find joy in writing—helping, teaching and guiding prospects. The process is flexible, not rigid.

This process lets you share your passion, helps prospects become more confident buyers and puts food on your table more reliably.

What works: blogging to increase your prospects’ success

This proven, effective process gives customers miniature tastes of success … or “results in advance” of purchase. For example, it can help them determine the best fit for their situation. Or it can be structured to help prospects gain confidence.

In other words, it will help them believe what they want (what you sell) can actually happen for them on time, on budget and without pain. It removes the fear from buying.

When shopping for blog coaching services or content marketing training be sure you learn a process that

  1. Attracts prospects to your blog but also
  2. gives them reason to become a lead (take action on becoming more confident buyers)

Full disclosure: I’m a blog coach and I apply it. Believe it or not, prospects often ask me for the sale. All because of confidence created in their abilities to achieve or improve. It’s what my own free training (lead nurturing) program is all about. This blog coach practices what he preaches!

Hang in there

Are you running out of patience shopping for a blog coach or blog coaching services? I was too. But then I discovered this simple, practical way to change-things-up, to get more of what I wanted from social media, faster and easier.

Now you have that way: A means to balance process with your passion, knowledge and ability to help prospects see their way through the weeds. What will you do with it?

Remember: adding-in a little process doesn’t mean sucking all the fun and passion out of what you write. Not at all. Conversely, by striking a balance in your blogging you’ll discover a faster, easier, more enjoyable way to get leads and sales.

You CAN make blogging systematic yet enjoyable and effective. It’s simply a matter of finding the best blog coach—one who understands and practices this technique.

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