social selling expert
Insightful, practical and passionate, Jeff Molander is the authority on social selling and co-founder of the Google Affiliate Network in 1999.

Jeff is adjunct digital marketing faculty at Loyola University’s business school, an international sales trainer and author of the first social selling book, Off the Hook Marketing: How to Make Social Media Sell for You.

He is the only social selling expert giving sales teams, small business owners and reluctant marketers a practical, repeatable system to convert friends, likes and followers into leads, sales and subscribers. 

Most social media trainers teach the value of engaging customers online and providing relevant content. But no one tells you HOW to be engaging in ways to produce leads and sales. Until now.

Jeff brings a view on social selling like no other. He spent years researching how the “social media revolution” is over-hyped nonsense. Social selling is all about EVO-lution, not revolution. The challenge for sellers is evolving to use new technology—not re-inventing or revolutionizing sales and marketing itself.

That’s just hype.

Audiences measure Jeff by his ability to show how fans and followers can be converted to leads, referrals and closed sales in an entertaining, engaging way. Step-by-step that’s what Jeff does.

Crowds come away from Jeff’s books, online workshops and live speeches as social selling experts themselves—with clarity on how to create more sales using a practical, proven approach to social selling. Wouldn’t you or your audience benefit from Jeff’s actionable insights? Get in touch with today’s top social sales keynote speaker and coach today by clicking HERE.

 social selling expert

social selling expert

social selling expert

“Insightful and refreshingly practical. Jeff kicked off our management team’s day by provoking thought and generating discussion. He grabbed our attention and kept it by offering ‘ah-ha’ moments—clear examples of how leading social selling organizations are generating leads with Facebook. He thoroughly prepared in advance to meet the specific needs of our group and assured successful and meaningful time well-spent.”

Rose Mitchell, Sr. VP, Governmental Affairs | Hy-Vee, Inc. 

social selling expert

“Greek sales managers need answers–not buzzwords. Jeff delivered clear insights and compelling advice to an audience demanding fresh, new thinking. His no-nonsense style challenged us to think differently about social selling. This helped me send sales managers back to the office with a practical, new approach to sales prospecting.”

 Xenia Mantziori, Editor in Chief, Boussias Communications, Athens Greece