Motivate your team

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Improving sales prospecting performance takes three steps. Thus, Jeff Molander helps every seller on your team to ...

1) Become enthusiastic, efficient prospectors—because it's fun & profitable for them.
2) Help customers discover (on their own) what they want, when & why. 
3) Attract buyers to problem-solving conversations using an effective, repeatable, fun communications technique.

Actionable. Inspirational. Proven.

Jeff's workshops, webinars and keynote speeches have become famous for inspirational and actionable content.

​Jeff built his career in sales, culminating with building a business acquired by Google.

Most sales speakers and trainers teach the value of engaging customers online and providing content. But no one tells you HOW to engage in a way that produce sales.

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Until now.

Jeff the only sales speaker showing sellers how to convert Facebook fans, LinkedIn contacts, blog subscribers and YouTube viewers into buyers. Step-by-step. No theory. A specific process.

This is why the world’s top companies and trade associations invite him to their stages.

Book Jeff as your sales speaker if your audience needs:

♦ Inspiration on social & digital selling through new stories of successful sellers

♦ A starting point … to make social media sell for them better

♦ Step-by-step guidance with a practical system they’ve never heard before

♦ Entertainment … by throwing rocks at misguided social media ‘gurus’

My clients get results

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Masood ZarrabianCEO & Chairman
BA Insight

Today, my team is enjoying prospecting. It’s not seen as a chore anymore. They are much more productive thanks to Jeff’s communications technique. They’re receiving higher email open rates and more (and better quality) responses from buyers—in just a few days.

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Xenia MantzioriBoussias Communications, Athens, Greece

Jeff gave my Greek sales executives clear answers—not buzzwords. He gave compelling advice to an audience demanding fresh, new thinking. Jeff's no-nonsense style challenged us to think differently about social selling. This sent sales managers back to the office with a practical, new approach to sales prospecting.

Success involves do-ing, not knowing

Jeff produces public conferences and works for private clients. Either way, he is an entrepreneur who’s mindset is to train you until you can do it. Jeff wants to see people succeed. That’s why he offers worksheets that put his insights and concepts into ACTION for your sales team—right away.

Recognized for his ability to blend motivation and a practical “how to” approach, Jeff’s conferences often sell out every time they’re offered.

Briefly, who is Jeff?

Jeff Molander is an accomplished entrepreneur, having co-founded the Google Affiliate Network in 1999. He’s been selling for 18 years.

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He serves as adjunct digital marketing faculty at Loyola University’s school of business, is author of Off the Hook Marketing: How to Make Social Media Sell for You and CEO of training and education firm, Molander & Associates Inc.

Jeff is the authority on making social media sell. He’s a professional speaker, sought-after corporate trainer to global corporations like Brazil’s energy company, Petrobras, IBM, Leica Geosystems, Ricoh Canada, Quicken Loans and small businesses like and Precious Metal Refining Services Inc.