Brands using the Spark Selling technique include

sales prospecting training courses

Spark new conversations from cold & re-ignite the old.

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  • Attend a writing workshop
  • STRENGTHEN your message
  • learn the spark Selling method

Personal coaching available with this course

sales prospecting training courses


Self paced, scientifically proven

Using email, phone, LinkedIn® & InMail®

Learn how to grab attention and provoke response.

  • Set Appointments, faster with qualified buyers.
  • Sequence messages so leads "self-qualify" themselves.
  • Provoke response from buyers based on your words.​
  • Rely less on LinkedIn® InMail® as 'first-touch' tactic.

Why does most sales prospecting training fail?

Most sales training courses forget to show sellers how to sparks customers’ curiosity using words.

Jeff Molander's communications-focused training helps you attract buyers with words using a repeatable process that:

1) Sparks buyers’ curiosity based on a pain, fear or goal.
2) Provokes buyers to act (become a lead).
3) Connects the discussion to what you sell.

Thus, prospects self-qualify or disqualify themselves. Simple.

sales prospecting training
David VeyKey Acct. Manager
Microsoft Corp.

I'm earning an 80% email reply rate from C-suite customers thanks to Jeff's technique. Whether you are in sales, service or marketing his methodology is highly effective.