Brands using the Spark Selling technique include

sales prospecting training courses

Spark new conversations from cold & re-ignite the old.


InMail and Email Writing Clinic

LIVE, online

Strengthen your "first touch" messages to provoke response.

  • Watch Jeff strengthen weak messages & subject lines.
  • Take-away a template-able technique to spark conversations with buyers.
  • Immediate access to 11 workshops via Jeff's video archive.​


Spark Selling Home Study

Using LinkedIn® & InMail®

Set meetings faster with a method to grab attention and provoke response.

  • Set Appointments, faster with qualified buyers.
  • Sequence messages so leads "self-qualify" themselves.
  • Provoke response from buyers based on your words.​
  • Rely less on LinkedIn® InMail® as 'first-touch' tactic.


Cold Email Review

Email and InMail messages

Discover why your message isn't working + learn how to spark more response.

  • Get a "tough love" analysis from Jeff.
  • Discover weak points & strengths of your message. 
  • Get recommendations to strengthen, make messages provocative. 
  • 1 or 9 reviews available for one-time or continuous coaching with Jeff.


David Vey   Key account manager, Microsoft

I'm earning an 80% email reply rate from C-suite executives thanks to Jeff's technique. Whether you are in sales, service or marketing his methodology is highly effective.

Spark Selling Course + Coaching Bundle

Start practicing the Spark Selling technique
with Jeff

All 4 online classes PLUS one-on-one email coaching with Jeff.

Jeff will:

1) Critically analyze your subject line & message, offering you honest, "tough love" feedback.

2) Provide bullet points on strengths & weaknesses to you.

3) Recommend specific ways to strengthen your current writing approach.

4) Provide a specific example on how to implement one suggestion.