linkedin training for sales professionals

LinkedIn training for sales professionals.

Get more response & appointments on LinkedIn—faster.

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In 2 weeks you will be able to

  • Target better—find the most qualified buyers​ using LinkedIn's search tools, fast.
  • Avoid being penalized by LinkedIn for connecting with prospects you don't know.
  • Get more response from buyers who view your profile & receive your InMail messages.
  • Set more appointments, faster—near and far term.
linkedin training for sales professionals

Get answers to questions like ...

  • Where do I start when approaching LinkedIn for prospecting?
  • What are the most effective subject line and email templates?
  • How can I write responsive connection requests, direct messages and InMail messages—quickly?
  • Is there a way to find prospects' email addressesavoiding the need for LinkedIn InMail?
  • What is the best sequence of messages—to get better response to InMail & email messages?
linkedin training for sales professionals
Philippe le Baron CEO & Sales Trainer
LB4G Consulting

"Jeff's approach was a game-changer for me. After tearing my hair out, I applied his technique. Within a few days I got better response from hard-to-reach prospects. 

I went from no response to response -- and productive conversations too."

I'll coach you so you can ...

  • Write irresistible subject lines that get opened more.
  • Identify & apply "trigger words" that provoke your buyer to respond.
  • Get past the first "hello"—know what to say that earns the appointment.

You'll get this too

linkedin training for sales professionals

Formulas & templates

I've spent years studying the most effective subject lines, techniques and formulas—so you don’t have to. Irresistible subject lines are a logical and vital starting point when writing email.

If you aren’t writing effective subject lines (and first sentences) you forfeit your chance to generate response!

My ‘cheat sheets’ help you:
- Write effective subject lines for YOUR target buyer
- SPEED UP the process (and makes it fun)
- Reinforce copywriting success principles

Access to me

You’ll get a FULL YEAR of unrestricted access to my private Social Selling Experts Forum. You can ask questions to me and other students. This is a safe, private space to get question answered that you may feel afraid to ask. I will be accessible and available.

.mp4 video downloads

I want you to have this knowledge in all formats so you can access the training from anywhere at any time. In addition to being able to replay the online lessons you’ll get access to the full course in .mp4 video format. You can stream lessons online, download them to your mobile device—whatever you wish. This gives you the power to review lessons on your own schedule wherever you’d like, forever!

Unparalleled customer support

I want you to be successful! Let me know any time you have a question and it will be answered promptly. You have access to all of my knowledge and resources 24/7 online and via email.

linkedin training for sales professionals

Your instructor

Jeff Molander is a successful entrepreneur, having co-founded the Google Affiliate Network and global digital agency, Performics as VP, Sales & Marketing. He is adjunct professor of digital marketing at Loyola University and a lead generation trainer to small business and corporate audiences across the globe.

Jeff’s book, Off the Hook Marketing: How to Make Social Media Sell for You, was first to offer a clear path to make social media create leads and sales—without the broken promises.

linkedin training for sales

My promise to You

linkedin training for sales professionals

If you put forth a reasonable effort and do not begin to attract gain customers leads after this LinkedIn training for sales professionals I’ll give your investment back. You can try out all the training at my risk. There is absolutely no risk on your part. The burden to deliver is entirely on me. My goal is simple: I want every dollar you invest with me to pay for itself—if not yield a greater return. If you put forth a reasonable effort you WILL begin to get more and better replies/response from potential buyers after the training. This LinkedIn training for sales professionals will give you a practical system to turn customer engagement into leads and sales. See my full Terms of Service.

linkedin training for sales professionals
David SchroederDir. of Training/Mktg.

Jeff gave us EXACTLY the kind of actionable outputs we were looking for ... to help our loan officer Partners and account team succeed.

linkedin lead generation training

This LinkedIn lead generation training gives you a system to:

  • attract customers on LinkedIn with less effort & frustration,
  • provoke response from buyers and 
  • create leads & appointments faster.

My course doesn’t just give you knowledge. It gets you DO-ing. I’m not here to teach you—I’m here to explain, guide and support you.

Just think about it. If you get started with this training today you can begin seeing more response and leads roll in … in the next few weeks.

What might your business or career look like a year from now? How will that affect your professional growth AND your life?

How committed are you to your success? If you’re ready to take the next step to understanding what other successful sellers already know about writing email messages—that most aren’t aware of—then it’s time to enroll in this LinkedIn training for sales professionals right now.

Click above to get started.

I look forward to getting to know you and helping you succeed. Still have questions about investing? Just ask!

All the Best to You!

linkedin training for sales professionals

Jeff Molander

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