B2B Content Marketing That Sells

I’ve assembled the very best knowledge on B2B content marketing available below. Explore and discover how to earn more leads more often by helping prospects make better decisions, determine “best fit”, avoid unseen risks, learn a new skill, reach a personal goal or exploit an opportunity. You’ll quickly find yourself helping customers gain confidence in themselves AND trust in you.

Content Marketing Strategy

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A New Formula for Effective B2B Content Marketing

B2B Content marketing will create leads and SALES for you faster and easier when you avoid the most common mistake:

Believing storytelling is the key to creating leads and sales. 

Stories (alone) Don’t Sell

Using a story to say, “I can solve your problem” to potential customers is not as effective as actually solving a problem for a customer—in a way that creates measurable improvement in their lives and trust in you. That’s B2B content marketing at its best. 

That’s how to create leads and sales with content marketing.

If you want content in blog posts, YouTube videos, LinkedIn discussions or Facebook interactions to SELL (more often) it needs to create high levels of confidence in buyers—not just showcase your corporate personality or culture.

Confidence Sells

Start focusing content you publish on the problems, goals, fears, aspirations or skills your customers need to develop—help them DO something that is important to them. Give them confidence. Yes, for free but in ways that benefit YOU too. Use stories to make a point or bring an idea to life–or prove something to clients.

Make stories serve a PROCESS that gets you what you want! (a little something in return from your prospect) That’s how social media is selling for leading B2B content marketers—and will sell for you too.

Are your stories giving blog readers these 2 things?

  1. A way to fulfill a specific need or desire and
  2. Something to ACT on

If they aren’t your stories suck.

Because ultimately without these 2 elements you aren’t able to connect the story to a product or service in a way that earns a sale. Your content isn’t sparking a discussion. It’s a monologue.