Using Social Media for Sales Leads: Update Your Strategy & Get More Leads

[Free Coaching Call Replay] Successfully using social media for sales leads means doing 1 thing very well: Giving prospects a sense of confidence and accomplishment… and creating hunger for more. Why Trying to Get Trusted Doesn’t Work As it turns out effectively generating leads and sales on social media isn’t about trying to earn customers’

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Making educational content marketing convert more sales: The missing link

[Free Coaching Call Replay] How do you know what content to give away on your blog or in white papers? How do you know what to hold back on Facebook and in videos? Discover the answer AND how to PROVE your product or service is worth investing in using social media. Tune in and discover

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YouTube Lead Generation: How to Structure Videos to Get Response

[Free Coaching Call Replay] This week, we dive head-first into YouTube lead generation to discover exactly how to structure videos to get response from target prospects. If you’re selling a product OR a service the key success principle is the same. You’ll be best served to NOT try to make someone laugh; or show them

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Using social media for sales leads: Blogging & YouTube with Ed Worthington

[Free Coaching Call Replay] This week, B2B office copier sales rep Ed Worthington gives details on how he uses his blog and YouTube to generate fresh, new leads and get more response from prospects he’s calling on. If you’re using social media for sales leads “in the trenches” this call will teach you exactly what

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The 3 most common mistakes small businesses make with social media (and what to do instead)

Mucha Murapa of Matrix Global Media sat down with Jeff “Make Social Media Sell for You” Molander to find out the most common mistakes small business owners and marketers make with social media marketing—how to avoid them and what to do instead. Listen in as Jeff reveals the Big 3 most common mistakes. Here’s a

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Jeff Molander answers: “How can I get Webinar registrations with social media?”

Mark wants to know how to promote a Webinar online. He asks, “How can I get Webinar registrations with social media marketing?” Answer: Get hundreds or even thousands of people to attend your Webinar by selling the emotional end benefit of your online event. Provoke people into registering by “flashing” or teasing them with what

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How kitchen cabinet dealers & craftsmen can sell with social media (PART 2)

If you’re a kitchen cabinet dealer or manufacturer needing to discover how to best use social media to generate leads and sales you just landed on the right Web page. You’re about to discover how to turn an engaged kitchen cabinet shopper into a buyer using social media. In part 1 we learned what role

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How kitchen cabinet dealers & craftsmen can sell with social media

How are kitchen cabinet dealers and craftsmen using social media to generate leads and sales? What role is social media playing in helping kitchen cabinet dealers, woodworking and home improvement professionals cope with and exploit economic change? What “conversation” do customers want to have about cabinets and kitchens? How can dealers/professionals convince engaged customers to

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Ask Jeff Molander Podcast: February 2012

This time, Jeff answers the question, “I am just beginning the process of using Social Media as a selling tool. What should be my top 3 items on a to-do list?”

Ask Jeff Molander Podcast: January 2012

In this edition Jeff answers the questions, “how do I convert facebook fans to customers?” from Elizabeth and “how are B2B salespeople using social media to improve sales performance?” from Roberta.