How to write social media posts for business

How to write social media posts for business

Time to read: 3 minutes. Worried about wasting time on social media, but still believe in it? Good news: Effective social selling depends on your ability to apply direct response marketing inside posts. Success has little to do with techie stuff. Knowing how to write social media posts for business is the game-changer. Here is a simple, effective posting technique that creates leads.

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LinkedIn InMail Prospecting: Get more response with this template

linkedin inmail prospecting

Time to read: 3 minutes. The goal of LinkedIn InMail prospecting is not to get a meeting. It’s to provoke a potential buyer to ask, “can you tell me more about that?” This gets you in the game. Then you can step up to the plate and swing.

Prospects are the judge and jury of your InMail–because they have to be. However, standing out as someone who they do want to talk with is not difficult–IF you prove to them you’re not like the other crap in their inbox!

The goal of InMail prospecting is to earn the right to proceed. Nothing else.

Here is a proven way to spark prospects curiosity AND get them asking you for more details. At the end, I’ll provide a template to make it easy.

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What is social selling?

what is social selling

Time to read: 3 minutes. The truth is getting out: Buyers are NOT re-inventing the buying process as social selling gurus claim. However, customers are speeding-up the buying process—going “non-linear.” Sales is changing. But this is not a revolution. In reality, generating leads and sales using LinkedIn, Google+, blogging and YouTube is more about a return to selling basics. Ok, so what is social selling and how can you get started?

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Business writing tips for sales emails: Get response by provoking curiosity

Business writing tips for sales emails

Time to read: 3.5 minutes. When writing sales emails don’t forget to get readers curious—create questions in their minds. It’s the best way to get more response. Today, I’ll show you a simple, effective way to write email that gets customers asking you questions. It’s as easy as planting a question in their minds. Plus, I’ll show you an example of someone using the technique to grow his business. It’s one of my best business writing tips for sales emails.

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Social media copywriting course: The 7 Habits of Successful Social Copywriters

Looking for a social media copywriting course that gives you the ability to turn engaged prospects into sales leads? You just found it.  This “7 Habits” course shows you, step-by-step, how to create content that starts a purpose-driven dialogue

What’s in this social media copywriting course for you—exactly?

I will show you

  1. Common but problematic “best practices” (what experienced social media copywriters avoid)
  2. Success principles & repeatable formulas that will produce more social media copywriting success for you
  3. An easy way to take action—to start making these 7 habits SERVE you in everyday life.

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7 social media copywriting tips (to generate sales leads)

social media copywriting tips

Time to read: 5 minutes. Proven, effective, repeatable social media copywriting tips. They’re hard to find. Most of what passes as good advice actually prevents converting readers into leads. Get trusted, be passionate, tell stories, show your human side. But how do we connect these ideas to a sales-focused writing process? Here are 7 social media copywriting tips that will improve your ability to generate leads.

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Writing for social media course: A free, effective, repeatable approach

Time to read: 1 minute. Announcing the first FREE writing for social media course that turns engaged prospects into qualified leads. Need a better way to spark buyers curiosity on YouTube, blogs, Google+, Pinterest and Facebook? Tune-in to this this course and take the stress and frustration out of getting customers to ACT on your promotional offers.

A better approach & steps to start

This writing for social media course shows you common mistakes to avoid and where to start—a better way to structure your writing to get sales leads.

You’ll leave this 40-minute training more confident and better equipped—ready and able to make words SELL for you. Plus, what I’ll show you will scale your time (without being spammy).

No guru-speak. No buzzwords.

No dodging the details.

Specific answers PLUS your questions. Click here to JOIN US!

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