3 Steps to generating sales leads on social media more often


generating sales leads

Time to read: 3 minutes. I struggled with generating sales leads on social media for years. But once I discovered a surprisingly simple technique everything changed. Nope, I didn’t get advice from a social media guru charlatan. I changed one small thing based on my gut instinct. I’m making everything I say and do online irresistible to customers. Just like when I go fishing.

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3 Steps to more effective LinkedIn messages & InMail response

effective linkedin messages

Time to read: 3.5 minutes. What’s the common trait of effective LinkedIn InMail messages? The structure of the content. Not the words themselves. Rather, HOW words are used to trigger response: Customized, relevant, short-n-sweet. All with a clear call to action. In 3 steps, here is how you can open the gates—create effective LinkedIn messages or InMail subject lines that get more response.

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LinkedIn leads strategy: How I generated 94+ leads in 1 Group post

linkedin sales success stories

Time to read: 4 minutes. Need to get attention, interaction and leads on LinkedIn? Here is the best LinkedIn leads strategy I know of. I discovered it after making one Linkedin Group post that got me dozens of good leads … in a few days. Total time invested: about 90 minutes. I’ve perfected an effective, practical approach to generating leads on LinkedIn.  

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