LinkedIn InMail Prospecting: Get more response with this template

linkedin inmail prospecting

Time to read: 3 minutes. The goal of LinkedIn InMail prospecting is not to get a meeting. It’s to provoke a potential buyer to ask, “can you tell me more about that?” This gets you in the game. Then you can step up to the plate and swing.

Prospects are the judge and jury of your InMail–because they have to be. However, standing out as someone who they do want to talk with is not difficult–IF you prove to them you’re not like the other crap in their inbox!

The goal of InMail prospecting is to earn the right to proceed. Nothing else.

Here is a proven way to spark prospects curiosity AND get them asking you for more details. At the end, I’ll provide a template to make it easy.

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3 Steps to generating sales leads on social media more often


generating sales leads

Time to read: 3 minutes. I struggled with generating sales leads on social media for years. But once I discovered a surprisingly simple technique everything changed. Nope, I didn’t get advice from a social media guru charlatan. I changed one small thing based on my gut instinct. I’m making everything I say and do online irresistible to customers. Just like when I go fishing.

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3 Steps to more effective LinkedIn messages & InMail response

effective linkedin messages

Time to read: 3.5 minutes. What’s the common trait of effective LinkedIn InMail messages? The structure of the content. Not the words themselves. Rather, HOW words are used to trigger response: Customized, relevant, short-n-sweet. All with a clear call to action. In 3 steps, here is how you can open the gates—create effective LinkedIn messages or InMail subject lines that get more response.

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LinkedIn leads strategy: How I generated 94+ leads in 1 Group post

linkedin sales success stories

Time to read: 4 minutes. Need to get attention, interaction and leads on LinkedIn? Here is the best LinkedIn leads strategy I know of. I discovered it after making one Linkedin Group post that got me dozens of good leads … in a few days. Total time invested: about 90 minutes. I’ve perfected an effective, practical approach to generating leads on LinkedIn.  

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